Schedule for Adoption Changes

May 1, 2017 General Membership meeting: The full DRAFT of proposed revisions will be distributed and discussed at this meeting. This is the key meeting for group discussion of the bylaws revisions.

May – July: during these months the committee will continue to make revisions based on feedback.

August: During this month the FINAL complete document containing the proposed revisions will be posted to website. Notification to the membership about bylaws amendments will be included in the summer newsletter and posted online. Notification will explain the process for voting on amendments, the timeline and how to access a copy of the revisions. Members will have the option to request a printed copy. Discussion of bylaws will not be an agenda item at the August General Membership meeting.

September General Membership meeting: Membership will VOTE on final revisions that were distributed in August. It will not be possible to make line item changes/edits at this meeting. The vote must be up or down based on what was distributed in August. Additional changes, if deemed necessary, could be made in a separate vote at a later time.

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