Neighborhood Plans

The City of Austin Comprehensive Plan divides the city into neighborhood areas. SRCC areas 1 – 5 are covered in The Greater South River City (GSRC) Neighborhood Plan (NP). SRCC Areas 6 and 7, located east of I-35, are included in the E. Riverside/Oltorf Combined Neighborhood Planning Area1 (“EROC”).

GSRC NP was adopted by the City of Austin on September 29, 2005. The plan covers the area bounded by the center lines of South Congress Avenue, Lady Bird Lake, I-35 SB access road and Ben White Boulevard. The GSRC Neighborhood Planning Contact Team (NPCT) is made up of up to 30 stakeholders including property owners, residential renters, business owners, and neighborhood organization members who own property within the NP area. Current members are: Jean Mather (Chair Emeritus), Elloa Mathews (Chair), Russell Fraser (Vice-Chair), Terry Franz (Secretary), Kent Anschutz, Andy Cantu, Marc Davis, Teresa Griffin, David Karoly, Claudette Lowe, Sam Martin, Gretchen Otto, David Swann, Sage White.

There are no dues or fees, and the team has no budget. The team is responsible for being stewards of the NP and upholding its vision, goals and recommendations. The NPCT provides recommendations to City staff, the Planning Commission and City Council regarding any proposed amendment to the NP. For more information, or to inquire about becoming a member of the team, please contact Terry Franz: tmfranz at

Greater South River City Neighborhood Plan

GSRC NPCT Bylaws 20170119

The EROC Neighborhood Plan was adopted in November 2006. SRCC members Dawn Cizmar, Gayle Goff, Toni House, Pastor Fred Krebs, Linda Land and Jean Mather have been members of the EROC Neighborhood Plan Contact Team (“NPCT”) since the adoption of the Neighborhood Plan in 2006. Prior to the adoption of the plan, all were actively involved in the planning process as members of the Advisory Committee.

The purpose of the EROC NPCT is to “preserve and improve the quality of life in our residential neighborhoods, honor the cultural diversity of our residents, be good stewards of the natural environment, support the success of our locally owned business and major employers, and build and maintain a strong sense of community.”2

East Riverside / Oltorf Neighborhood Plan
1. EROC is comprised of three large planning areas: Riverside NPA(in which Areas 6 and 7 are located); Pleasant Valley NPA; and Parker Lane NPA. The combined NPA encompasses 3,345.54 acres.
2. Adopted E. Riverside/Oltorf Combined Neighborhood Plan, Vision and Goals.


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