ANC mtg 5/22

> Police Chief Art Acevedo gave a pep talk on the efforts of his department, providing bar charts tracking goals and outcomes over time. He also made an earnest plea for support of his request to the city council for more officers, to achieve a minimum 2 officers per 1000 population. He noted that his budget is strained by the rapidly increasing population and by entertainment events that don’t pay for services provided, such as SXSW and the ever-expanding alcohol-fueled bar scene that now stretches from far east Austin to far west Austin. 

> Intro to form based codes (FBC): there was a lively discussion of what form based codes are, and how elements of FBC are being applied in the Airport Blvd development, downtown, and in the Imagine Austin process. A draft code has been completed and is undergoing internal staff review. Next step will be community roundtables. At issue is whether the individual neighborhoods should have separate plans, or whether there will be  master plan guidelines overlain on all, i.e one size fits all. Get more info at and 

> Stealth Dorms: a presentation was made by the Northfield Neighborhood Assoc. about the growing presence of stealth dorms – multi-resident structures built as seemingly single-family homes. See more at There is a draft resolution posted on the ANC website.

> Neighborhood Sectors 9 and 10, east of I-35 at Riverside and south to ABIA, are seeking to redraw their boundaries. It was noted that there is overlap with SRCC boundaries east of I-35 and the vote was postponed until SRCC weighs in. Contact info has been provided to Marc Davis for follow-up.  

> 10-1 redistricting: the first 8 designees have been randomly drawn. 5 more plus 2 students remain to be drawn. See more at

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