New Quality of Life Committee Formed

Many SRCC residents have been feeling the negative effects of Austin’s and South Congress Avenue’s popularity. Outdoor music noise, trash on streets and yards, constant parking issues, and traffic-crippling events have all taken their toll on this place we call home.

After gathering inspiration from the conversations on the list-serve and frequent issues at SRCC meetings, the membership approved the formation of the Quality of Life Committee at the May 6th General Meeting. The purpose of this committee is to actively seek input from SRCC members to identify specific issues that affect their daily life negatively. In turn, the committee will then spearhead creative efforts to address those issues.

Over the past month of soliciting input, two primary issues have shown to be the biggest concern: amplified noise and trash. The committee is beginning to engage with Congress Avenue business owners to identify ways to address these concerns.

The committee is chaired by Robert Reeves and has Danette Chimenti, Marc Davis, Diane Gouveia, Michael Mayo, and Laura Toups as members. If you would like to provide input or possibly join the committee, please get in touch with Robert at

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