Blue Creek Prescribed Burn

A message from the Austin Parks:

We are evaluating a potential prescribed pile burn at Blunn Creek Nature Preserve on one of the following days: Thursday, June 6, Tuesday June 11, or Thursday, June 13.  The target is to burn approximately 15 small (~2 ft tall x ~4 ft across) brush piles on the interior of the preserve.  These brush piles were constructed as part of some ecological restoration and wildfire mitigation efforts done in partnership with the Austin Fire Department as well as the Blunn Creek Partnership, a volunteer organization that has been working at the Preserve for many years.  The management goal at this site is a diverse, predominately wooded ecosystem that will be resilient to climate stressors such as extreme heat, drought, disease, and wildfire into the coming decades. 

Weather and fuel conditions are looking favorable and smoke impacts outside the preserve are expected to be minimal, but a couple of our other cooperating agencies are also planning burns during this timeframe, so our ability to burn will depend partly on availability of equipment and personnel.  I will provide updates about the schedule as soon as I’m able. 

We do intend to keep the trails open, so there should not be any disruption to public access.  We will also have dedicated outreach positions on-site, so folks will be able to ask questions and watch the work up close. 

For general information and FAQs, we have a prescribed burn page on our website.  This page is primarily geared toward more traditional ‘broadcast’ burns rather than pile burns, but much of the information applies to both.   

If you have any additional questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me directly.

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