SRCC Executive Committee Meeting, August 1, 2023


TUESDAY, August 1, 2023 @ 7:00 PM



Only members may vote. As an officer, you should be a member. Please confirm by emailing And please register 24 hours in advance.

1. 7:00 SRCC Welcomes Members and Guests

Verification of quorum. Reminder: please state your name when presenting or seconding a motion. 

Presenter throughout unless otherwise noted: Noah Balch, SRCC President (5 min)

2.  7:05  Membership report & voting 

Members must pay dues to participate in SRCC business and actions, such as voting and making motions. Try the subscription option for automatic annual renewals. (5 min)

3.  7:10  Executive Committee Meeting Minutes

Approve minutes. (5 min) 

Upcoming meeting dates:  GM Aug 15, Sept 19, Oct 17, Nov 21

EC Sept 5, Oct 3, Dec 5

4.  7:15  Treasurer’s Report

All reports available upon request:   

Presenter: Will Andrews, Treasurer  (5 min)

5.  7:20  Standing Committee updates re: events/goals/issues

Presented by Committee Chairs: 1) Planning & Zoning; 2) Historic Preservation; 3) Finance; 4) Mobility; 5) Public Safety; 6) Parks & Environment (Zilker Vision Plan Update); 7) Schools; and 8) Communications  (10 min)

6.  7:30  Additional Updates from Representatives and Coordinators

9) GSRC NPCT; 10) EROC; 11) NPCT; 12) ANC; 13) SCC; 14) South Central Waterfront; 15) St. Ed’s; 16) S. Central Affordable CDC  (10 min)


7. 7:40 Mobility

Discuss Parking and Transportation Management District; Project Connect; and I-35. 

Presenter: Mark Thompson, SRCC Mobility Chair (10 min)

8. 7:50 Planning & Zoning

Updates regarding:

  • Neighborhood Assistance Center
  • 2105 S. Congress preview proposal for GM meeting
  • Meeting with City Council Staff

Presenter: Anita Tschurr, SRCC Planning & Zoning Chair (15 min)

9. 8:05 Parks & Environment 

In May, Austin’s Parks and Recreation Department approved the Zilker Park Vision Plan. What is next? Austin City Council scheduled a final vote for the plan on August 31 at City Hall. In the meantime, Director Steve Mims will present a documentary, Zilker Inc., on August 2 at AFS Cinema. SOS Alliance and Rewild Zilker will support.

Presenters: Betty Weed, SRCC Communications Chair, David Todd, SRCC Parks and Environment (10 min)


SRCC’s NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH program is always looking for more participants. Anyone interested should contact Tom Groce, SRCC Public Safety Chair at

This link will take you to information about subscribing, unsubscribing, and posting a message to the neighborhood ListServe:

The next General Membership meeting is August 15, 2023.

The next Executive Committee meeting is September 5, 2023.  

Frequently used acronyms: 

ACF: Austin Community Fund

ANC: Austin Neighborhood Council (

BoA: Board of Adjustment

CDC: Community Development Corporation

EROC: East Riverside/Oltorf Combined Contact Team

FLUM: Future Land Use Map

GSRC NPCT: Greater South River City Neighborhood Planning Contact Team

NCCD: Neighborhood Conservation Combining District

NHPA: National Historic Preservation Act

NPCT: Neighborhood Planning Contact Team

PC: Planning Commission

PUD: Planned Unit Development

SCC: South Central Coalition of neighborhood associations 

SF: Single Family zoning category

ZAP: Zoning and Platting

Agenda Prepared by Noah Balch, Agenda subject to change. Please check for the most updated version.


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