SRCC Executive Committee Meeting Minutes December 7, 2021


TUESDAY, December 7, 2021  7:00 PM

Zoom Teleconference



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The chair called the meeting to order at 7:00.

1. 7:00  Meeting procedures, Zoom tools,  etiquette, welcome & introductions of new members

Presenter throughout: Cynthia Milne, President, unless otherwise noted.  (8 min)

We have a very packed meeting, so we will be adhering very strictly to the schedule on the agenda.

2.  7:08 Membership & voting announcements. Reminder that SRCC current dues status is required to participate in SRCC business and actions such as voting and making motions. (2 min)

3.  7:10    Approve minutes from September 2021 Executive Committee Meeting

Reminder: schedule for Executive meetings: 1st Tuesday of most months; 7:00pm – 8:30pm, Location: in response to pandemic, teleconference format began 2020 and continues in 2022 as needed (eventually expect return to Good Shepherd on the Hill).

(5 min) 

Meeting dates in 2022:   EC Jan 4 (skip); GM Jan 18; EC Feb 4; GM Feb 15; EC Mar 1; GM Mar 15 (skip); EC Apr 5; GM Apr 19; EC May 3; GM May 17; EC Jun 7 (tentative); GM Jun 21; EC July 5 (skip); GM July 19 (skip); EC Aug 2 (tentative); GM Aug 16; EC Sept 6 (tentative); GM Sept 20;  EC Oct 4 (tentative); GM Oct 18; EC Nov 1 (skip); GM Nov 15; EC Dec 6; GM Dec 20 (skip)

No additions or corrections were provided – minutes were approved as posted.

The meeting dates list will be updated for the next agenda to remove dates where we don’t have meetings (items noted with “skip”).

4.  7:15  Treasurer’s Report. All reports available upon request to the Treasurer @   

Presenter: Will Andrews, Treasurer       (5 min)

Sam Martin presented the Treasurer’s Report. SRCC received some more dues since last month, and have had no expenses. The SRCC account balance was shared, along with the balance of the Austin Parks Foundation Fund. There was a question about the number of current members –  it was stated that there are 212 members.

5.  7:20  Standing Committee check-ins on events/goals/issues.

Presenters: Committee Chairs.   1) Planning and Zoning  2) Historic Preservation;  3) Finance  4) Mobility;  5) Public Safety;  6) Parks and Environment; 7) Schools; 8) Communications   

(15 min)

  1. Planning and Zoning – Nothing to report
  2. Historic Preservation – Nothing to report
  3. Finance – Nothing to report
  4. Mobility – As a result of the pandemic, a lot of parking problems have been abated; this ties in with the item later about 200 Academy.  Cap Metro is doing the Blue Line bridge design – it will be bike and pedestrian friendly.
  5. Public Safety – Tom has been looking to expand his Neighborhood Watch Patrol Area. It was noted that the SRCC map shown on the newsletter doesn’t seem to include the area north of Riverside.   Where Alameda exits to Riverside Drive there is a pedestrian hybrid beacon (PHB) to get to the boardwalk. This weekend when his family was crossing at the PHB a vehicle came down the curving hill and skidded and ran into one of the stopped cars, then drove off. It was noted that the flashing light that approaches the PHB was covered by bamboo – he called 311 and they are supposed to trim it back. Mark Thompson mentioned that the pedestrian walkway will change when the Blue Line goes in.
  6. Parks and Environment – There was a Blunn Creek Nature Preserve volunteer day last Saturday. Next month’s volunteer day will not be the first Saturday (since it is Jan 1), it will be Jan 8th. There is now an interpretive sign that talks about Rene Barerra’s life and contributions to the City at the Volcanic Overlook.
  7. Schools – Nothing to report
  8. Communications – Nothing to report


6.  7:35 Check-ins on events/goals/issues

Presenters: Committee Chairs/Representatives.  9) Norwood; 10) GSRC NPCT; 11) EROC NPCT  12) ANC;  13) SCC; 14) South Central Waterfront; 15) St. Edward’s;  16) S. Central Affordable CDC; 17) Ad-hoc Land Development Code Revision. (10 min)

  1. Norwood – Nothing to report
  2. GSRC NPCT – Nothing to report – see later item
  3. EROC NPCT – Nothing to report
  4. ANC – Nothing to report
  5. SCC – Nothing to report
  6. South Central Waterfront – Nothing to report
  7. St. Edward’s – Nothing to report
  8. S. Central Affordable CDC – Nothing to report
  9. Ad-hoc Land Development Code Revision – There was a notice from the City about an update to the Land Development Code, which was specific to one area. There is a concern that this might be the start of the adoption of stealth Code Next.




7.  7:45   Sam Martin will present the Budget Forecast for 2022. See the Budget Forecast here.

Presenter:  Sam Martin, Finance Committee Chair      VOTE EXPECTED

Motion: That the SRCC Executive Committee approve the 2022 Budget Forecast. (10 min)

The budget forecast was shared. In 2020 we had a net negative year, which included purchase of meeting signs and video equipment. This year we have had very few expenses and have a net positive year. As a result, we are using the same forecast expenses for 2022 that we did for 2021. There was also discussion about the special charitable contribution of $1000 in 2020 to the Central Texas Food bank. There was a question about the Zoom fees, and it is believed it was captured in either “Office Expense” or “General Membership & Committee Meeting Space”. This was not included in the forecast, but the Finance Committee would like to discuss with the EC if we should add in another charitable contribution to the Central Texas Food Bank. It was noted that the membership dues income has gone down the last few years, but it looks like our incoming dues for 2021 will match the 2022 forecast.

Motion: approve the 2022 budget forecast as initially presented. (Russell Fraser seconded).

Some members expressed interest in including the additional $1000 to Central Texas Food Bank for FY22, but not as a recurring expenditure. A member stated that they thought the intent of the contribution was to help families with children who were getting meals from the schools, who were not able to get it as easily during the pandemic, and that is not as much of an issue now that school is in session; it was not clear that was the intent of the original contribution.

Friendly Amended Motion (by Fred DeWorken, seconded by Russell Fraser): Approve the 2022 budget forecast and amend to include an additional charitable contribution in the amount of $1000 for 2022, and the charity can be identified at a later date. Approve: 14, Oppose: 0, Abstain: 1; MOTION PASSED.

8.  7:55   Election of SRCC Vice President to complete the term.

Presenter:  Dan Fredine, Chair, Ad Hoc Nominating Committee   VOTE EXPECTED

Motion: That SRCC Executive Committee elects Noah Balch as SRCC Vice President to complete the term. (10 min)

The SRCC Nominating Committee met several times to identify potential candidates for Vice President. Noah Balch was identified as a potential candidate, the Nominating Committee met with Noah, and is endorsing him for the position of Vice President.

Noah introduced himself and gave some background.

There was a question about the neighborhood plans that are associated with SRCC and if he has had a chance to review them; he has reviewed one.

Motion: SRCC EC appoints Noah Balch to the position of SRCC Vice President for the remainder of the term.

Approve: 14, Oppose: 0, Abstain: 2; MOTION PASSED.

9.  8:05  200 Academy: Ms. Nikelle Meade will discuss the 200 Academy project and her role as SRCC’s pro bono attorney.

Presenter: Claudette Lowe, Area 1 Coordinator; Guest: Nikelle Meade, Attorney at Law 

(20 min)

Nikelle Meade is an attorney in the area of land use and real estate law, representing developers and neighbors, since 1995. She is with Husch Blackwell, a national firm with about 800 lawyers. She is representing one of the neighbors (Mr Corrigan) on the 200 Academy project, and is also representing SRCC pro bono in this matter, since SRCC’s position aligns with those of the neighbors that Ms Meade was originally hired to represent. The project has gone through the Planning Commission, and is now at City Council. The NPCT requested a Council postponement from November to January 27th. The group is working on getting arguments in front of Council members. The concern is the resurrection of the former Opera House into a larger venue.

If there’s anything that the SRCC would need to officially vote on, it would need to happen in the January GM meeting.

The biggest stumbling block currently is the music venue and its size. In general people are in favor of the multifamily housing, though there is a desire to reduce the scale.

There is a request by the applicant to change the zoning; the SRCC P&Z committee will participate in this effort.

There is a concern that the changes requested at this property could be considered as a precedent and then could result in a higher degree of development throughout the interior of the neighborhood.

Q: When representing multiple entities on a single issue, how does the communication work? A: So far there has been a small number of SRCC members involved as part of the existing group, and is watching to make sure that the viewpoints aren’t diverging (that is a requirement as an attorney).  

Q: There are specific terms for the members of the NCCD, if one property doesn’t follow the NCCD, how does that affect the enforceability of the NCCD? 

A:The NCCD isn’t as much a membership as it is a zoning ordinance, and the City can change the NCCD rules if it follows its processes.

Q: Is there a legal relationship between SRCC and Ms Meade that is different from the one with Mr Corrigan? 

A: An engagement has not been signed with the NPCT or SRCC yet, but doing so will allow Ms Meade to have the agency to speak on SRCC’s behalf to Council.

Q: Similar question about what this relationship will be like. 

A: It has not yet been determined if she will represent SRCC, NPCT, or just the neighbor. Any cost incurred by NPCT or SRCC will be sent to Mr Corrigan; there will be no financial responsibility to SRCC.

Q: It was stated that the NPCT and SRCC are separate entities. 

A: Ms Meade will be vigilant about making sure there will be no conflict of interest. 

10.  8:25   305 S. Congress PUD:  Russ will bring us up to date on the 305 S. Congress PUD project.  Tom will discuss the role of the SRCC SCWAB representative in regard to the project.

Presenters: Russ Fraser, P&Z Committee Chair & Tom Groce, SCWAB Representative

(20 min)

During the November SRCC General Membership meeting the developer, Richard Suttle, was going to make a presentation, but there was only time for Q&A. Members of the SRCC P&Z committee met on Nov 19th with Mr Suttle and went through the presentation.  Russell shared a few of those slides. There was a slide about the overall South Central Waterfront (SCW), not just the Statesman tract, that included the cost related to Roadway and Drainage (about $76M, which is about 30% of total cost). The Statesman PUD is 32% of the SCW infrastructure cost. In previous presentations the developer showed a 400’ height as if it is the SCW vision plan entitlement, but that has not been approved (and they are asking for heights as much as 525’). One slide says that developments to meet the vision will require public subsidy – requiring that the City pay for part of the project. 

There was discussion about the Tax Investment Reinvestment Zone (TIRZ) that shows how the public tax revenues will contribute to the overall project development, and then at some point in time the entirety of the tax benefit will go to the City.

You can sign up until noon Wednesday to talk for or against the TIRZ item at City Council on Thursday. 

There will be a Dec 20 SCWAB meeting, and Tom will report back to SRCC in January. 

Once we can find someone to serve on the SCWAB, Tom will step down and let them take over.  

It was suggested that the developer’s presentation be posted on the website.

All presentations to the SCWAB are published to the City’s SCWAB website, and Wendy Todd can point you to it. Tomorrow there is a group meeting specifically about the Statesman PUD. 

11.  8:45  Area 7 Issues:  Fred DeWorken, Area 7 Coordinator, will bring issues in his Area to SRCC’s attention. (10 min)

Presenter: Fred DeWorken, Area 7 Coordinator

Fred shared information about his background and opposition to the changes to the Parker Lane Methodist Church. He indicated that there is a history of red-lining in EROC. He shared photos starting in the 1960s through the current day and showing how the apartment complexes popped up over time. Heritage Oaks Park would have been an apartment complex if SRCC didn’t oppose it and push for the park. There is a lot of MF housing (16,734 units) in this area (2,232 acres), with very little green spaces. The SRCC area has 4,364 units in 1,653 acres. 

The opposition to the Foundation Communities project replacing the church was in large part related to the Civic designation. The NPCT was developed to help give that part of the City a voice and impact, and as part of that process the NPCT developed the FLUM (Future Land Use Map), which identifies that specific property as Civic (as opposed to yet another instance of multifamily). 

The student body at Linder elementary is nearly 92% economically disadvantaged, with 11 different languages spoken. The concern is that there are a lot of kids that are playing in parking lots and negative influences without much green space, which the FLUM designation of Civic could contribute to.

Fred put together a survey and has had about 50 responses so far; the top concern was parks and greenspace, followed by bike and pedestrian safety.

Fred asked that SRCC oppose the Foundation Communities project, in following the position taken by the EROC NPCT. There is interest in getting additional green space, as well as a community center; there will be requests for SRCC to endorse some of those projects.

He asked that EC members contact him to walk the neighborhood and see the conditions firsthand.

The Chair adjourned the meeting at 9:03


Arnold Garcia, the long-time editorial columnist for the Austin American Statesman, passed away in May.

The neighborhood ListServe is on the platform. Find everything you need to know about SouthRiverAustin group here: 

The next SRCC General Membership meeting is Tuesday, January 18, 2022. 

The next SRCC Executive Committee meeting is  Tuesday,  February 1, 2022. 

*Frequently used acronyms: ACF: Austin Community Fund; ANC: Austin Neighborhood Council (; BoA: Board of Adjustment; SF: Single Family zoning category; FLUM: Future Land Use Map; GSRC NPCT: Greater South River City Neighborhood Planning Contact Team; NCCD: Neighborhood Conservation Combining District;  NHPA: National Historic Preservation Act;  PC: Planning Commission; PUD: Planned Unit Development; SCC: South Central Coalition of NAs; ZAP: Zoning and Platting

Agenda Prepared by Megan Spencer, 

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