Important City Election May 1, 2021

Austin citizens will be voting to change the charter of the City of Austin on May 1, 2020. Early voting begins April 19th. Requests for mail-in ballots must be received at the county by April 20th. For information on ballots and election sites go to the Travis County elections site.

For a neighborhood discussion of some of the proposed amendments, please attend the SRCC general membership meeting on April 20th at 7pm. All attendees must pre-register. (See Agenda.)

Among the 8 proposed amendments on the ballots is a proposal to completely change how the city will be run, whether by a council and mayor as it is today, or by a “strong” mayor, who would be directly in charge of most departments and have substantial power over rule-making.

Information on the proposed amendments can be found at:
Austin Chronicle:

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