SRCC General Membership Meeting Minutes – May 2018

Monday, May 7, 2018 7:15 PM

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1. 7:15 Meeting procedures, etiquette, welcome newcomers. Verification of quorum. Reminder: state your name when presenting or seconding a motion. If an acronym is stated during the meeting and you don’t know what it means, please feel free to raise your hand and ask.*
Presenter throughout: Eric Cassady, SRCC Co-Vice President,, unless otherwise noted. (10 min)

2. 7:25 Membership and voting. Pay multiple years in advance and get a discount. Single membership: 1-yr $20; 2-yr $35; 3-yr $50 / Family membership: 1-yr $35; 2-yr $65; 3-yr $95 NOTE: In order to vote or make motions, dues must be paid a month in advance, with the exception that if a former member’s dues have lapsed no more than 2 years, they may renew at the meeting and be eligible to vote. (2 min)

3. 7:27 Approve minutes from April 2, 2018 monthly general meeting (available at (3 min)

Motion: Kathleen Littlepage/Dan Fredine to approve the minutes from the April 2, 2018, monthly general meeting. For 21, opposed 0, abstaining 0 = PASSED

4. 7:30 Treasurer’s Report – see reverse of agenda. All reports available upon request to the Treasurer
Presenter: Oliver Caruso, Treasurer (5 min)

Oliver shared information about this month’s expenses. For specific information, contact him at He also shared these specific SRCC FINANCE KEY DATES

  • April
    • Treasurer submits 1st quarter Income/expense to EC – Complete
    • Finance Cmte presents 1st quarter report – Complete
    • Update bank signature cards as necessary – PENDING
  • May
    • Renew PO Box Subscription

5. 7:35 Committee Chairs reports
1) Planning and Zoning; 2) Historic Preservation; 3) Finance; 4) Mobility; 5) Public Safety; 6) Parks and Environment; 7) Schools; 8) Communications (chair needed); 9) Executive Committee; 10) CodeNEXT ad hoc committee Representatives: 11) ANC*; 12) SCC*; 13) South Central Waterfront; 14) St. Edward’s (10 min)

Historic Preservation: Angela Reed reminded those present that there is an event at her house to keep everyone up-to-date about the process for the National Register Historic District designation, and to brainstorm about fundraising ideas.

Finance Committee: Sam Martin reported two requests for funding and that they have been referred to the finance committee. One is from Travis Heights Elementary, and the other from the Blunn Creek Nature Preserve.

Schools: Gretchen Otto reported that the end of year party is tomorrow in the Guero’s Oak Garden, which is a fund-raiser for the 5th graders to go to Camp Champions. Also, the principal of Travis Heights Elementary School, Lisa Robertson, is retiring and the community is hosting a pot-luck and talent show which will be this Saturday to honor her and thank her for her service. The new principal will be announced on May 22nd.

CodeNext: Gretchen reported also that the CodeNEXT committee has been meeting to try to understand and write a position paper on the latest version on CodeNext. Upcoming meetings with the city council for citizens to give input on CodeNEXT will be held at 10 am on May 29th(a Tuesday) and June 2nd at 10 am (a Saturday). Kathie Tovo shared that there will be a few different procedures for this meeting. See the City’s website for more information about those changes in procedure ( To see information and give input about CodeNEXT, visit

Executive Committee: Eric Cassady shared information about motions that passed at the last executive committee meeting. (You can see those motions here:

ANC: Dan Fredline reported that the amendments to ANC bylaws had passed. The amendments were presented at the last SRCC EC mtg.

6. 7:45 Update on Saigebrook affordable housing development, at Woodland and I-35. In 2017 SRCC supported the rezoning of this property for the development (with several conditions).
Link to key points about the project and an updated rendering.
Presenter/Guest: Megan Lasch, Saigebrook Development, 830.330.0762,  (10 min + 5 min Q&A)

Nathan Henry shared information about the new development that includes 60 Workforce Housing apartments. Construction should begin in August 2018. Megan Lasch shared that funding has been found for this project. She also shared that they have an Art in Public Places program as part of the project. She wants to get the neighborhood’s feel about getting children involved in a project to decorate one of the buildings, working with a professional artist. Mary Friedman agreed to be her contact person on that endeavor. A member of the neighborhood asked about the creek that runs next to the development. Megan shared that the creek would not be disturbed. The project worked with Russell Fraser and the city and decided to build a retaining wall to maintain the creek bed instead of building a tunnel under the project to carry the water. Other neighbors asked questions about affordability. Applications for rentals will begin to be accepted just prior to December of 2019, when construction is anticipated to be completed. Skillpoint Alliance is partnering to teach classes on site: parenting, computer skills, and tax preparation.

7. 8:00 The Norwood House is moving into the permitting phase, and we’ll get updated on the overall project status. This will include an updated site plan and some renderings of the potential cliffside landscaping.
Link to cliffside landscape renderings.
Link to Norwood website and Norwood Facebook page.
Presenter/Guest: Colleen Theriot, Norwood Park Foundation President, (5 min)

Colleen Theriot reported that design plans have been finalized and are ready to begin with permitting and site development. This project is listed on the bond. Colleen asked that, if you support this project, you make your voices heard to your city council and mayor. Colleen also invited everyone to an open house on June 2nd on site (Norwood Estate) to see the renderings and learn more about the project.

8. 8:05 Neighbors at 1016 Avondale Road are considering plans for remodeling and building an addition. They would like to share their plans and discuss possible variances. [VOTE EXPECTED].
Link to 1016 Avondale Road project sketch.
Presenter/Guest: Ian Reddy, SRCC Planning & Zoning, and Meredith Bradley, SRCC Member and Homeowner, (10 min + 5 min Q&A)

Ian Reddy presented a request for a variance for an addition to be built in what is now a carport. Their architect shared details about the lot: that the lot this is located on is different from other lots in SRCC in that it is shallow and long as opposed to narrow and deep ( only 30 feet deep). They are asking for the rear setback to be reduced from 10 feet as required to 5 feet. They are also asking for a variance that would reduce the front setback from 25 feet to 12.5 feet (which is where the house exists now). Motivation for this variance is in part to preserve heritage oaks. They want to enclose the carport and build a second story above it. The elevation of the lot that backs up to theirs is higher and the increased building height might not be visible to the neighboring home. The McMansion ordinance would require a setback for the second story. The owners already have signatures from 7 neighbors surrounding the lot and have been working with the SRCC Planning & Zoning Committee.

Motion: Kent Anschutz /Angela Reed that SRCC has no objections to this variance For 27, Opposing 0, Abstaining 1 = Passed

9. 8:20 Application for Residential Parking Permit on Alameda and Rosedale Terrace. Residents are requesting a vote of support from SRCC. [VOTE EXPECTED].
Link to Almeda RPP Petition
Link to Alameda RPP Map
Link to Information about the Residential Parking Permit Program
Presenter: Tim Patterson, SRCC Member, Rosedale Terrace Resident, and Applicant, (5 min + 10 min Q&A)

Tim Patterson, who lives on Rosedale Terrace, spoke to the NA concerning his request for RPP for his block. He shared the process for residential permit parking. He and other neighbors in the area have had issues with getting in and out of driveways, in and out of gates, and having mail delivered. Mr. Patterson shared that he has been in communication with the principal of Travis Heights Elementary School (the school is directly across the street from the proposed RPP) and she has been helpful, but problems continue to exist. A neighbor pointed out that a No Parking Zone already exists on the East side of Alameda. Mr. Patterson said that he was aware of the No Parking Zone, but that visitors to the school often ignore the sign, and he hasn’t been able to get it enforced. There was a lively conversation about reasons for and against the RPP, including: 1) the age of the school and its lack of accessibility due to minimal availability of parking which is related to the school’s unique position within Blunn Creek and Stacy Park; 2) the parents’ drop-off and pick-up times of day when difficulties occur; 3) the efforts the school and neighborhood have put in to making the school property as accessible as possible to support maintaining its enrollment while enrollment in AISD as a whole has declined. Eliza Platts-Mills, THES PTA President, shared that the PTA of the school was in opposition to the RPP.

Original wording of the motion: Gretchen Otto/ Rich Brotherton to not support the RPP on Alameda and Rosedale Terrace.

Motion: Kent Anschutz/Marc Davis to amend the the language to from “not support” to “oppose” For 23, Opposed 0, Abstaining 4 = PASSED

Motion: Gretchen Otto/Rich Brotherton to oppose the application for RPP on Alameda and Rosedale Terrace. For 23, Opposed 3, Abstaining 1 = PASSED

10. 8:35 Proposal for a one-year moratorium on SRCC support for Residential Parking Permits in the SRCC area south of Oltorf PP (near St. Edward’s University). There is a concern about excess parking related to St. Ed’s overwhelming the neighborhood, and RPP being an ineffective tool to resolve the issues. [VOTE EXPECTED].
Link to a preview of the presentation.
Presenter: David Swann, SRCC Member, (10 min + 10 min Q&A)

David Swann shared that St. Edwards owns 166 acres of land. They are adding to their facilities and growing. The people who come to the campus find it more convenient to park in the neighborhood than on campus. Students are required to pay a parking fee to park on campus. St. Edwards won’t build any more garages or parking lots or reduce the cost of the parking fee for the existing parking. St. Edwards has purchased El Gallo and intends to expand onto that property. David says he hasn’t had any negative feedback from the Mobility Committee or the Dawson NA regarding this motion. The area that is being considered would only affect 2 houses and David said that the moratorium would help document that the NA has a real problem with parking and St. Ed’s expansion (without providing more or more reasonably priced parking), and may help in discussions with the Dawson neighborhood to stand in opposition to the parking issues. St. Edwards stance is that they have sufficient parking on campus for their students. The students feel they should not have to pay for their parking. There was a lively discussion about other options, which David shared that all kinds of options have been attempted and considers this moratorium is the best tool to deal with the problem at this time.

Motion: David Swann/David Todd SRCC enacts a moratorium on support for all future approvals and renewals of parking restrictions using the Residential Permit Process on SRCC streets south of Oltorf Street. SRCC will continue to work with Dawson Neighborhood Association, St. Edward’s University campus and the City of Austin to seek remedies for the problems associated with insufficient parking available on the St. Edward’s University Campus. This moratorium is effective immediately upon passage and expires one year later. For 14, Opposed 5, Abstaining 8 = PASSED


*Frequently used acronyms: ACF: Austin Community Fund; ANC: Austin Neighborhood Council; SF: Single Family zoning category; FLUM: Future Land Use Map; GSRC NPCT: Greater South River City Neighborhood Planning Contact Team, NCCD: Neighborhood Conservation Combining District; SCC: South Central Coalition of NAs

Agenda Prepared by Dan Fredine,
Minutes Prepared by Mary Friedman,

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