Update on Little Stacy Park renovations

A recent update from PARD indicates that the planned changes to Little Stacy Park will be delayed until late 2017. It has taken far longer to iron out many of the details and complete the construction drawings than PARD anticipated. This project was submitted for a General Permit earlier this month. It could take as long as three months to get the permit. Once they have the permit, the project will be bid for a construction contract. The bidding process usually takes 3 or 4 months by the time the contract gets approved (hopefully) by City Council and then executed by the Law Office and the Capital Contracting Office.

This all means that the earliest they would begin construction is April, but would more likely be closer to June or July. Given that this schedule would cause the most disruption for the park users, they are considering delaying the start of construction until September 2017 – after the wading pool has closed for the season.

Please let either Gary Gregson (see below) or Gretchen Otto (president@srccatx.org) know if any community members oppose pushing back the start of construction, as this has not been decided yet.

More information on the project:

Little Stacy Park Improvements Project

Little Stacy Park Improvement Project – Final Input Stage

If you have any questions or comments, please contact:
Gary Gregson
Project Coordinator
Austin Parks and Recreation Department
Phone: (512) 974-9475

Page from Little Stacy Park

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