SRCC Vice President Dan Fredine Introduces Himself! Welcome Dan!

Dan Fredine SRCC VP

Dan Fredine, SRCC VP

I grew up in the suburbs of New Orleans, then attended UTA in the Dallas area, where in 6 short years I received a B.S. in Electrical Engineering. After a few visits to Austin I was hooked, and moved here in 1999. In 2002 I began renting a house on Upland Drive, in the SRCC area east of I-35. Within a couple years it was clear that this house in this neighborhood was where I wanted to be, and I launched a successful campaign to convince the owner to sell me the house. Lisa and I were married in our back yard in 2006; we now share the house with our 9 year old daughter, Lexi, and a miserable 3 footed tortie cat named Lavaca.

During the development of the City’s neighborhood plans in the mid-2000s, one of my neighbors twisted my arm into getting involved in the development of the EROC neighborhood plan. Through that process I got to know some of the more engaged people in the SRCC and EROC areas. At a recent SRCC meeting when Gretchen made a plea for someone, anyone, to help out at the VP position, I thought, “Hey, I’m someone. I can do things.” So I’m going to do some things to help our neighborhood.

In my free time I enjoy playing (low division, coed) soccer, attending hockey games, watching offbeat films, reading fiction, and brainwashing my daughter to enjoy 80s early alternative music (it’s going surprisingly well).

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