SRCC Executive Committee Meeting Minutes – Oct 17th, 2016

Monday, October 17, 2016 6:30 p.m.
3601 S. Congress Ave., Austin, Texas

Gretchen Otto, SRCC president. Introductions.
Membership & voting announcements. In attendance: 12; quorum required: 5. Carol Martin: SRCC has roughly 225 active memberships (actual number of members is higher because many memberships are family memberships).
Approval of April 18, 2016 Executive Committee Minutes. Discussion of frequency of Executive Committee meetings. Proposed meeting dates through rest of term: January 16, 2016 (discuss officer positions); February 20, 2017 (nominations made); April 17, 2017 (likely date of first meeting for next terms, intros for new officers/EC)

MOTION: Russell Fraser / Jo Webber – to approve minutes from April 18th = PASSED 2 abstentions and 8 approvals

Presentation by Nancy Byrd, Treasurer of 2nd/3rd quarter financial reports. Key financial dates to be completed during 2016/financial forecast for 2017.
Motion to approve the 2017 General Fund Forecast by Russell Fraser and second by Michael Sledge, approved by all 12 in attendance.
Sam Martin, Finance Chair: David Todd started Blunn Creek Partnership to try to remove non-native vegetation for healthier Blunn Creek. Non-profit but largely out of David’s expense. Came to SRCC Finance Committee and asked to make tax-free pass-through donation for a new Blunn Creek website to Austin Parks Foundation account. Funds would be deposited in SRCC’s sponsored fund at the Austin Parks Foundation to pay for new website design for Blunn Creek Partnership. Discussion about donations, Austin Parks Foundation charges less to have an account than Austin Community Foundation, discussion of what lobbying we are allowed to do. 501(c)4.

MOTION: Sam Martin / Nancy Byrd – to propose executive committee approve the expenditure of funds from SRCC account to Blunn Creek Partnership for same amount to be reimbursed by David Todd = PASSED 12 for, 0 abstain, 0 against

Report from the President, Gretchen Otto.
Parks issues, continuing concerns about play-field by elementary school. Jeff Kessel has been keeping an eye on it and Gretchen has been in contact with Parks & Rec. (Water erosion across trail. Money came from FEMA.) Concern with one corner that’s washing over trail.
Sunset Lane road work – City has been working on figuring out property lines, survey, goes to City Council, so still in process; won’t happen until 2017.
Little Stacy renovations scheduled to happen this Winter/Spring.
AISD is selling tract and looking for trade opportunities. Elloa Matthews discussed watershed protection. Good opportunity for education and not another strip shopping center or Walmart. Austin Water is interested. Meeting next Wed. at 10:00 a.m. AISD is having open houses for tracts it’s selling. Gretchen Otto and Elloa Matthews will be attending. SRCC will come up with proposal.
Torchy’s – got resolved. Torchy’s withdrew their liquor variance request. No new information.
Heights on Congress – continuing and evolving. Affordable housing. UT Law School is offering pro bono help with residents. Not sure when construction will begin, possibly in the Spring. Zoning Committee needs to be on top of subdividing property. Owner needs more entitlements and has been open with SRCC. SRCC needs to make sure same number of units will remain for residents. Concern about runoff to properties adjacent and behind site. Next to this property is Spillar Hitch property that will be 3-story public storage units.
Travis Heights Elementary has formed official advocacy team for affordable housing issues, liquor variance, etc. Gretchen is on that team.
Email votes for EC. Should only be last resort. Having more meetings could address this which is a bylaw issue.
St. Ed’s – ongoing. Meeting on 10/19 where they will talk to public about master plan for community.
Old restrictive covenant in 2001 for SoCo apartments. Owners want to sell property and wanted SRCC to sign document (signed by Gretchen): estoppel agreement that they were in compliance with restrictive covenant.
Gretchen had interview with Community Impact paper for article about SoCo.
Neighborhood Planning Contact team – Gretchen is the SRCC rep with the City. We need more people that can pitch in and help. Very zoning heavy and working with NP. Low commitment because not a lot of meetings but very detailed. They have to be in support of the NP as it is now. All info is on SRCC website about membership, chairs, etc.

Committee check-ins on events/goals/issues
Transportation – Michael Sledge. Meeting on Riverside/I35. Pedestrian and cyclists safety crossing I-35. Extended to 10/19 for comments, go to CAMPO website. Oltorf has been funded and project just started, new bridge will be built, ending Winter 2019/2020. Riverside project to begin Fall 2018, completed Fall 2021, but it hasn’t been funded yet. Need more people to be on this committee. Michele Webre will check with neighbor who has expressed an interest.
Elloa and other members are talking to Watershed to get more information about a giant gas pipeline that runs through St. Ed’s that is being re-routed.

Update on Bylaws Committee – Carol Martin for ad hoc Bylaws Committee: Meeting monthly since Jan. 2016, about 2/3 of the way through. Past SRCC presidents and VPs on committee: Gretchen, Mark Davis, Tune, David Swann, Jean Mather (honorary member). When committee makes presentation, it will be very detailed. Highlights: reorganization bylaws to be more logical sequence, clarifications when language is unclear. Robert’s Rules of Order is governing authority. Non-partisan: we can lobby on issues but not candidates. Reorganizing executive committee.

Ad Hoc Committee Check-ins on events/goals/issues:
Historic District – Michele Webre: work on National Register Historic District.
Communications – Tina Buck: would like people to update her on events, etc. in the neighborhood.
CodeNext – Russell Fraser: Citizens group watching CodeNext “Coding for a Compact and Connected Austin.” Mayor has called a meeting this Wednesday, same time as St. Ed’s meeting. Russell will go.

Dan Fredine, SRCC member and candidate for interim SRCC VP.
Fall Newsletter – Gretchen Otto: articles now: President, bylaws, St. Ed’s, Heights on Congress, APD reps, ANC council scorecard, general election info, bread for food pantry, Travis Heights Art Trail, yoga at LIC UMC, election precincts. Mya is doing the newsletter for us. It needs to be proofed and out before November 8th.

Gretchen Otto – Open Positions: Public Safety Co-Chair (in charge of neighborhood watch program), Schools Co-Chair (liaison between SRCC and local schools), Special Events Chair (in charge of planning Annual Potluck and July Fourth Picnic), Newsletter Editor (in charge of making newsletter happen).

(Minutes by Michele Webre, subbing for Garret Nick, SRCC Secretary.)

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