Heritage Oaks Park Project Is Beginning!

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Austin Parks Foundation (APF) awarded a matching grant to South River City Citizens that will enable us to create a pocket park that can be enjoyed by all residents. The planning for this project has been in progress since 2014. SRCC residents approved the landscape design, City of Austin PARD approved the technical requirements and guided the plans through the permit review process. The contractor is TF Harper. As resident stewards of the park, here are basic facts you should know:

What is being installed?  A loop trail, 2 picnic tables, 2 trash receptacles, and 4 benches.

Why is the loop material concrete rather than crushed granite? PARD does not install granite trails on areas with a slope over 3% which is the majority of this trail. A granite material would not be sustainable in this park.

How will the heritage trees be protected?  The tree trunks have been surrounded with protection. The canopy areas are fenced off and construction will avoid the critical root zones. 

Can the grass / ground cover survive the exposure to heavy equipment? Although re-vegetation is not part of the TF Harper contract, we hope PARD and APF might work with us to come up with a plan to restore any ground cover that is disturbed. 


See more photos of the ongoing work at Heritage Oaks Park below!




IMG_8366 IMG_8369

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