SRCC General Membership Meeting Minutes 8/3/15



Monday,  August  3, 2015     7:15  PM


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  1. 7:15  Meeting procedures, etiquette, welcome newcomers. Verification of quorum. Reminder: state your name when presenting or seconding a motion. If an acronym is stated during the meeting and you don’t know what it means, please feel free to raise your hand and ask (see also footnote*).
    Presenter throughout: Sounthaly “Tune” Outhavong, SRCC President, unless otherwise noted.
  2.  7:20 Membership and voting. Pay multiple years in advance and get a discount. Single membership: 1-yr $20;  2-yr $35;   3-yr $50 / Family membership: 1-yr $35;  2-yr $65;  3-yr $95
    NOTE: In order to vote, dues must be paid a month in advance, with the exception that if a former member’s dues have  lapsed no more than 2 years, they may renew at the meeting and be eligible to vote. 
  3.  7:22  Approve minutes from June 1, 2015, last regular monthly meeting (available at

    MOTION: Jean Mather / Toni House -to approve the minutes from the June, 1st, 2015, general membership meeting = PASSED
  4. 7:25  Treasurer’s Report – see attachment to agenda distributed at the meeting; all reports are available upon request to the Treasurer,
    Presenter: Sam Martin, Finance Committee Chair, 

    A report was given to the attendees and is available by request.  SRCC ACF funds have been committed to park projects; process started two years ago has been moving ahead.

  5.  7:30  Committee Chairs reports
    1) Parks, Schools, Environment;  2) Planning & Zoning;  3) Transportation & Public Safety; 4) Norwood;  5) Historic District–item below;  8) Finance; status of projects funded by SRCC; 9) ANC*;  10) Communications

    No chairs were present to give status reports.


  1.   7:40 1813 Brackenridge additional variance needed for ADU setback from Drake–motion to amend and vote
    Presenter: Sounthaly Outhavong, SRCC President, Please review June meeting minutes at:; Presenter: Russell Fraser, SRCC Planning & Zoning Committee 

    The developer of this property agreed to work with SRCC to address concerns about the initial proposal, and we voted at our June 2015 general membership meeting to support the 1,000 sq ft variance request provided the developer agreed to preserve the original Brackenridge home as well as request no further variances.  As the process continued, it was discovered a heritage oak tree would preclude the developer from building the intended ADU, so the developer now needs an additional variance to build the ADU within setback limits.  There is currently an old building that is 8.3 feet from the property line on Drake, and they are asking to build 10 feet from the property line. The legal setback is normally 25 feet.  In order to avoid the critical root zone of the heritage oak and build the site plan that SRCC agreed to, they can only build the ADU with a 10 ft setback. The existing colonial style house with be maintained as part of this agreement. The neighbors are on board, and the view from the front of the original home will hide the new home from view.MOTION to amend motion previously adopted: Russell Frazier / Jean Mather  – to support the 1,000 sq ft variance the developer requested on the accessory dwelling unit provided that the developer preserves the interior and exterior of the existing Brackenridge structure = PASSED

  2. 7:45 City plans to address erosion problem in Blunn Creek along Little Stacy Park and Sunset Lane–motion and vote
    Presenter: Janna Renfro, City of Austin Watershed Protection Department/Stream Restoration Program, 512-974-3422 | Please review June presentation materials at: 

    Janna presented this information in detail two months ago and returned to provide a recap for the membership so we can officially vote on the project.  Blunn Creek is heavily eroded as it passes by Little Stacy Park.  The City, due to space constraints, normally uses large limestone blocks and major construction to remedy the issue.  As an alternative, the City would like to remove the section of Sunset Lane that runs between the park and the creek and return the area to a natural state that would allow for pedestrian and bike access as well as a vegetative buffer for improved stormwater management.  There are no homes directly on this section of road. The existing parking on the south side of the park will be changed: no parking along north edge of park; new area for “car drop off zones” would be constructed at park entrance on Alameda.  There was a question about traffic flow increasing along the alley behind homes that face Alameda.  No additional traffic in the alley is anticipated. The project would be  paid for by City  department funds.MOTION: Betty Weed / Marty Christman – To support the City of Austin Watershed Protection Department’s plans to mitigate the erosion problem at Blunn Creek by 1) permanently closing Sunset Lane between the alley (just east of the tennis courts) and East Side Drive, 2) removing the pavement, 3) creating a hike-bike trail in roadway footprint and 4) returning the area to its natural state to become an extension of Little Stacy Park. This support stipulates that the City works closely with SRCC’s Parks Committee and members to identify key stages in planning for SRCC input and approval by the Committee. The final plan should be presented for a vote at our general membership meeting before any work begins. = PASSED


  1. 7:55 Mobility35 Project improvement plans for I-35 @ Riverside (just South of Holly, just North of Oltorf)
    Presenter: Rob Bailey, I-35 @ Riverside Dr. Project Manager, Atkins Consulting,, Please review complete information and public input at 

    From north of Georgetown to south of San Marcos, the State is looking to address concerns about traffic flow and safety on I-35.  They are looking to share information about the section running through and along the SRCC area.  Riverside and Oltorf are two of the major project areas.  Visit to submit comments at any time, but August 3rd is the last day to have comments entered into the official project records.  Highlights of the project include increasing safety by eliminating dips and improving sightlines, adding pedestrian and bicycle options and adding lanes.  Concerns were voiced over increased noise by raising the lanes higher, approximately 22 feet along some sections.  An “express” or toll lane is being proposed and would also potentially be used by mass transit (buses).  The current exit/entrance  ramps close to Woodland would be removed in the new plan. Questions about the impact on Woodland traffic were discussed.

  2.  8:05 Little Stacy Park improvement projects
    Presenter: Margaret Robinson, Asakura Robinson Company, LLC, 

    The landscape architecture firm, Asakura Robinson Company, was selected by the City to improve Little Stacy Park.  There will be a design charrette on August 29th, at the park, to gather feedback. You can get more information at about this meeting at  The first public meeting will be held at the park itself near the end of the August, another meeting in the middle of October and the last one in December or January with the design expected to be about 60% complete.  They have been observing park usage and conducting surveys.  The tennis courts, playground and creekside parking received the most usage.  Creekside erosion and ADA compliance are two major issues being addressed by this project.  The heritage oak over the pool is something needing to be addressed although it is a highly coveted feature.  An arborist visited the site to start the discussion about planting new trees to balance out the age of various vegetation.  Funding is not robust so the project pieces will be prioritized.

  3. 8:20 Welcome to Life in the City UMC
    Presenters: Sounthaly Outhavong, SRCC President; Valerie Sansing, Pastor, 

    Life in the City UMC is replacing Grace UMC. They have been around for a year operating out of the Long Center and are now moving into  the Grace space.  There is a 90 day review period by the overseeing church authorities to determine if this new congregation will be able to sustain the location.  Life in the City is a radically inclusive congregation focused on mind, body and spirit issues.  They will be offering yoga and art focused activities.  One idea is to allow pets at services.

  4. 8:25 South Congress Public Improvement District
    Presenter: Andrew Moore, Executive Director, South Congress Improvement Association, 

    This organization administers South Congress Improvement funds collected from the businesses along South Congress.  They are looking to build a public restroom, add a free shuttle, add artwork and generally address issues identified by all users.  There is no website for this association yet.  It was asked what the difference is between a Public Improvement District and a Business District, it appears mainly where the funds go.  Who makes the decisions on how the money is spent?  The Board of Directors makes this decision and those Board members are all stakeholders and property owners.  Please email any question to Andy at

  5. 8:30 Review of current Greater South River City (GSRC) & East Riverside/Oltorf Combined (EROC) neighborhood plans
    Presenters: Terry Franz, GSRC NPCT; Toni House, EROC NPCT, Please review neighborhood plans at (for GSRC), (for EROC) 

    Primer: GSRC=Greater South River City, EROC=East Riverside/Oltorf Combined, NPCT=Neighborhood Plan Contact Team, NP=Neighborhood Plan, NPA=Neighborhood Plan AmendmentReferences to Neighborhood Plans and the vision laid out by those plans are frequently part of most discussions held at SRCC meetings. However there is not always a general understanding of exactly what are the Neighborhood Plans for our area? A short presentation was given to discuss what those plans involved.  Approximately tens years ago, citizens attended nearly two years of meetings, organized and initiated by the City, in order to develop a vision and framework for future development.  A neighborhood plan contact team was established in order to facilitate communication.  Those contact teams operate independently from the SRCC.  The process included and encouraged participation by ALL stakeholders including property owners, business owners, renters and workers in the area.  There is room to join the NPCTs and participation is encouraged.  The EROC plan includes the areas of the SRCC that are east of I-35 and were treated as a separate planning area.  A clarification was made that while SRCC and the GSRC & EROC NPCTs shared many of the same members, each of these organizations operate completely separate from each other. Links to both neighborhood plans and descriptions are provided above in this agenda.


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*Frequently used acronyms: ACF: Austin Community Fund; ANC: Austin Neighborhood Council; SF: Single Family zoning category; FLUM: Future Land Use Map; GSRC NPCT: Greater South River City Neighborhood Planning Contact Team, NCCD: Neighborhood Conservation Combining District

Agenda Prepared by Gretchen Otto,; Sounthaly Outhavong,

Agenda subject to change. Please check for most updated version.

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