4th of July Picnic

The annual SRCC 4th of July parade and picnic has been a wonderful neighborhood tradition and great community event for many years in the past. Unfortunately, we have not had enough interest from volunteers to continue the full tradition of parade, entertainment, etc. this year. But we invite everyone to still gather together at Little Stacy Park on the 4th to picnic with each other. It is one of the best times of the year to get out in the park and meet your neighbors! Although there is no official organization, vendors, entertainment, etc., we can still each bring our own food and have a more informal hangout. Put on all your best red, white, and blue, and bring your kids, pets, and (other) noisemakers! Plan to gather at midday, around noon.

CALL FOR VOLUNTEERS FOR 2015: For numerous years past, the same small group of volunteers rallied the troops to make SRCC’s very popular parade and picnic happen. These wonderful folks are no longer able to organize this event, and we have not been able to find new help to carry the torch (or fireworks, as it were). It’s not too soon to begin thinking about how we can make next year’s event happen. Did you attend the parade and/or picnic in years past? Do you have fond childhood memories of it? Or, do you have small children who are ready to make new memories and start new traditions? Please step right up and we will give you all the information needed to return this lovely event to its former glory. Please send any thoughts, comments, suggestions, to vicepresident@srccatx.org.

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