EROC – Pepper’s Bistro

The Pepper’s Bistro application for change of use from restaurant to cocktail lounge/liquor sales was denied last night on a 5 to 1 vote, with Planning Com’r Hernandez being the only vote against denial of the application. Com’r Danette Chimenti made the motion to deny the application and it was seconded by Com’r Mandy Dealy. The case will probably be appealed to the City Council, but it sure was nice not to be totally shot down from the start.

I am very appreciative of Com’r Chimenti’s wonderful job of asking the right questions at the right time. Com’r Dealy made some good points for us also, as did Com’r Hatfield. And a big thank you goes to fellow EROC NP contact team member Carl Braun, who also attended and spoke effectively to the problems associated with this establishment. I do think the information received from our APD District Rep is what tipped the scales in our direction. In his efforts to discredit my statements regarding that information, the agent for Pepper’s Bistro volunteered damaging info about “only” eight TABC “breaches” during the time period I had referenced. (This was information that I had tried to get, unsuccessfully, from TABC.) When I find out whether this case is appealed to City Council, I’ll let you know. Thanks for your emails to the Commission on this case, and here’s hoping we’re successful in the next round, if necessary.

Toni House, EROC NPCT and SRCC Member

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