Norwood House future

As you know, the Norwood House is finally in the crosshairs of PARD and the consultants. Decisions will be made in the coming months about whether to restore, re-purpose, or demolish the house. The Norwood Posse has been committed to restoration ever since a structural engineer and two restoration contractors confirmed it to be suitable for rescue.This fits in with a 30 year SRCC interest in this once fine property that is now designated as historic for the second time. Since there is no question about its restorability, the only question is how much would it cost and what would it be used for.

The Posse plan has always emphasized the use of volunteers and donated money and materials. Now that PARD is committed to do something, it seems that a creative public/private partnership would be the most cost effective strategy…..and you know that cost is going to be a big factor in the decisions that are coming. We need as many ideas as possible to plan the way forward. So please, if you have ideas, share them. If you know someone who is especially good at planning such things… them. Together we can transform that property into a beautiful site, rather than the sorry site it is today.


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