General Membership Meeting Minutes – 12/6/2010

SRCC General Membership Meeting Minutes – 12/6/2010

1. room setup, meeting procedures, etiquette, welcome newcomers. presenter: sarah campbell, president, unless otherwise noted.

2. membership and voting announcements. presenter: carol martin, membership chair
thanks to all current dues paid members.

3. approve meeting minutes from 10/4/2010 and 11/1/2010.

MOTION: to approve the minutes = PASSED

4. norwood house/property – approve letter to the city’s parks and recreation department regarding feasibility study.

MOTION: to send the letter as proposed = PASSED

4.a. revision to NCCD ordinance. presenter: jean mather
the revision is to accommodate existing design standards in hyde park and has no effect on us.

5. the park PUD #C14-2008-140 barton psrings rd wehre the filling station used to be, wants PUD status for upzoning against PUD’s own rules.

this is a very small lot and doesn’t come close to meeting the size requirement for a PUD. save town lake has asked City Council to postpone review of this case, currently scheduled for this week.

MOTION: claudette/toni – oppose the PUD designation and send a letter stating so = PASSED

5.a. 1406-1506 parker lane. presenter: toni house

there has been a request by the developer for a meeting on jan 25th. flooding problems exist and need to be addressed. developer is proposing micro ponds to catch flood water along with a trench to funnel extra water to existing developed lots. the water controls are the main issue with this development.

5.b. star riverside. presenter: toni house

the property is at I35 and riverside and has been sold. the new developer plans on building 300+ apartments on the site with no retail or ownership possibilities.

5.c. riverside corridor study. presenter: toni house

9am saturday jan 22nd meeting, tuesday feb 1st follow up meeting. the consultants are richard weiss and stephen oliver.

6. noise problems associated with outdoor sports at st edwards university in area 5. presenter: elloa mathews, area 5 co-coordinator.

the sports fields and special events held/organized by st edwards use amplified music and commentating that is loud enough to be heard inside the homes of many of the residents of sherwood oaks. multiple attempts have been made to contact st edwards and request they lower the volume or face the speakers back towards the school but no progress has been made.

MOTION: elloa/garret – send a letter to the president of st edwards = PASSED

7. lower colorado river authority water plan. presenter: russell fraser, member

in an october 2010 report the LCRA region “K” was said to cover from the colorado headwaters to the gulf of mexico and that this water supply would be exhausted by 2030. there are plans to use “off channel” reservoirs and other means to retain water along the waterway. next step might be to invite an LCRA rep to speak at an ANC meeting.

8. letter to city’s parks and recreation department re: killing of very old grapevine at little stacy park, north of the tennis courts. presenter: marty christman, co-chair for environment, parks and schools committee.

photographic evidence show the grape vine existing happily in that spot for at least 30 years and grew to enormous proportions before being cut down to the ground by the city parks department. the reason given was that it was interfering with the oak trees although no proof of such interference had ever been noticed before, in all those years of the grapevine growing on the oaks. it was a loss for all who enjoyed it, and many residents are concerned with what the parks department might do in the future.

MOTION: elloa/toni – send marty’s letter to the city = PASSED

9. time to renew our ANC membership, $35 due by jan 26th, 2011.

MOTION: claudette/wolf – renew the membership = PASSED

10. report on the ad hoc committee on financial policy and procedures for SRCC. presenter: sam martin, chair

the committee has succeeded in updating the bylaws with the secretary of state, is currently reviewing our tax status and making a calendar of financial responsibilities.

11. meeting on south congress improvement project (SCIP): wednesday, dec 15, 6-7:30, city hall to discuss safety and mobility improvements, and moving forward with the project.

12. special called meeting of ANC to discuss imagine austin comprehensive planning process: wed, dec 8, 7-8pm, austin energy, 721 barton springs rd.

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