Communication committee meeting minutes 01-27-2011

Communications Ad Hoc Committee Meeting  Minutes
Thursday January 27, 2011,  4:30 – 5:30 pm, Carol’s house 1901 Travis Hts Blvd.

Attending:  Marc Davis, Carol Martin, Garret Nick, Gloria Lee, Sarah Campbell

  1.  Membership
    Annual Meeting Elections will be March 8, 2011. Carol to post notice on SRCC yahoo group about requirement to join 28-days prior to election in order to vote. The deadline for New members to join and vote is Feb 8th. Members lapse 2 years or less can pay at meeting.  In the past the process used for elections has been to give out 3×5 index card when a member is confirmed at the check-in table. During the voting, the chair asks members to vote by raising their card.
  2.  “Zoning 101” Teresa Griffin has written an excellent article that gives an overview of Zoning, processes for permits, variance requests, relevant city agencies and boards involved and SRCC approach to requests. It is ready as is for WordPress, and newsletter.
  3. Security: when to call 911; when to call 311. Marc had Done and posted to WordPress.
  4. Standardized Communication messages to appear on list-serve; on website, in newsletter, etc.:
  5. Newsletter
  6. Welcome to Gloria Lee as newsletter editor. The next priinted newsletter will be ready for distribution on Feb. 18th.
  7. Google Docs resource for all names, phone numbers, title and emails of people who need to be communicated with on a regular basis, regarding SRCC communications. SRCC officer emails will come from the Google website. Discussed having these emails (not personal email) made available in newsletter, if not this issue, then will do it in the next issue.  
  8. Website  (Marc and Garrett)
  9. Presentation of latest version . Looks Great! Marc and Garrett are ready to migrate the website to a new domain (owned by SRCC):
  10. Determine if ready for EC presentation on Feb. 21, 2011. Definitely Yes. It works well but will make an even better impression if we load more content that shows the intended structure: committee minutes, meeting agendas & miinutes, categories, calendar, etc. The plan is to have a short list of content contributors. Marc will send draft tutorial to committee members and ask us to ‘vet’ the instructions. Both the website and instructions will be presented to executive committee on Feb. 21, 2011. As training, EC members will be assigned posts to make. From this point on, the policy will be that part of an officer’s /committee member’s job is to regularly post items to the website (events, minutes, announcements, etc.)
  11. Set target date to roll out and link to old website
  12.  Yahoo! Groups  (Marc)
  13. SRCC Yahoo database of personal recommendations for local services & businesses. We decided there is not sufficient interest in developing this database further? The key word search of posts sufficient.
  14. Archives project  (Carol & Sarah). Carol is meeting with Jean Mather this week to begin sorting and moving SRCC archive files to the Austin History Center. As part of this project, guidelines for future archiving will be developed.
  15. Review draft of written proposal to EC. Sarah will propose an outline. The actual demo of the website is essentially our recommendation.
  16.  Determine next meeting date. We agreed to work via email before the EC meeting on feb. 21.
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