Communications committee meeting agenda 11-29-2010

Communications Ad Hoc Committee Meeting
Monday November 29, 2010, 6:30 – 7:30 pm, Sarah’s house


 Attending:  Marc Davis, Carol Martin, Garret Nick, Helen Valdez, Sara Campbell


  1. What would be the cost of including a self-addressed envelope in newsletter? Would it be effective to having an insert once per year? Should we pursue this idea/expense to increase payment of dues? (Helen)
  2.  “Zoning 101” Teresa Griffin has drafted an excellent article that gives an overview of Zoning, processes for permits, variance requests, relevant city agencies and boards involved and SRCC approach to requests. Carol would like to adapt the content for website.
  3. Security: when to call 911; when to call 311. Marc has done handout. Need concise blurb?
  1. Standardized Communication messages to appear on list-serve; on website, in newsletter, etc.:


  1. Status of newsletter editor. (Sarah)

 Website  (Marc and Garrett

  1. PresentationIdentify additional content required
  2.  assign topics to committee members
     – set deadlines
  3. Set target date to share as a draft with EC
  4. Prepare written proposal to EC (assignment & deadline)
  5. Set target date to roll out and link to old website5.         Yahoo! Groups  (Marc)

a.- additional groups set up for Neighborhood Watch individual areas; Safety

b.   SRCC Yahoo database of personal recommendations for local services & businesses

6.         Archives project  (Carol & Sarah)

7.         Determine next meeting date

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