General Membership Meeting Minutes – 11/1/2010

SRCC General Membership Meeting Minutes – 11/1/2010

1. room re-arrangement, meeting procedures, etiquette, welcome newcomers. presenter throughout: sarah campbell, president, unless otherwise noted below. vice president, marc davis, replaced sarah at tonight’s meeting.

2. membership and voting announcements. presenter: carol martin, membership chair

3. meeting minutes from 10/4/2010 and tonight will be on the next srcc monthly agenda for approval. they will be posted at

4. status report on street improvements: live oak, the circle, annie, woodland. presenter: clay harris, city of austin
the city is currently collecting data on woodland with the next meeting being held at one texas center at a date yet to be announced. the projected start date for any of these projects is 2012 or later. you can contact clay harris at either 974-7895 or 963-0483.

5. officer memorial marker program – placements within srcc boundaries. presenter: officer jason huskins, apd
officer huskins is a 6 yr veteran who has taken this project on to honor the apd officers killed in the line of duty. ordinance changes and right-of-way variances have been a hurdle to the placement of the markers. each marker is 6 inches thick, 20 inches wide and 5 feet tall with a picture of the badge and synopsis of the event and officer information at the time of death. there is currently one installed on congress at the school for the deaf and two others installed around the city with the total being 17 and installation goal one year. apd cadets will be tasked with upkeep with the city responsible for vandalism. some residents feel the wording and size of the memorials is inappropriate and are opposed to having these placed in residential areas or in front on their homes.

6. 1406-1506 parker lane: neighborhood plan amendment (NPA-2010-0021.2) and rezoning case (C14-2010-0140) to increase use from single family to “higher density single family” (SF-6 or MF). presenter: representative from eroc neighbrhood plan area.
the lots in question are four separate lots each zoned SF-3 for a total of .96 acres. the owner is proposing to build 12 homes on the property which requires a change to the neighborhood plan as well as a request to upzone. the direct neighbors feel strongly that the proposal is excessive with respect to the area and oppose the zoning request. interested parties will continue to try and resolve the issue.

7. C20-2010-019 proposed amendment to land development code regarding variances to NCCDs. presenter: jean mather
the proposed amendment is to designate the board of adjustment as the sole body to hear and decide a request for a variance from a requirement of the NCCD,and to consider an appeal of a decision of the building official regarding a site development regulation prescribed by the NCCD.

MOTION:jean/sam – to oppose the changes and have claudette lowe write a letter on behalf of SRCC = PASSED

8. partial alley closure for yard dog art gallery, march 16-19, 2011 12-7pm, between elizabeth and monroe streets.
this is in the bouldin neighborhood so no action was taken.

9. statesman capitol 10k on sunday, march 27, 2011

10. city of austin applications status: restricted front/side yard parking and mobile food establishments.

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