Communications committee meeting minutes 10-13-2010

Communications Ad Hoc Committee Meeting Minutes
Wednesday October 13, 2010  6:00 – 7:00 pm, Carol’s @1901 Travis Heights Blvd

Attending:  Marc Davis, Carol Martin, Garret Nick, Helen Valdez
Absent: Sarah Campbell,


  • Carol has added column to sign-in sheet “Dues Paid Current”
  • Helen suggested getting cost of including a self-addressed envelope in newsletter.
  1. ZONING “Land Use 101” Teresa Griffin has drafted an article that gives an overview of Zoning, processes for permits, variance requests, relevant city agencies and boards involved and SRCC approach to requests. .
  2. SAFETY Security: when to call 911; when to call 311. Marc has done handout. Need concise blurb?
  3. MEMBERSHIP  most content for this already prepared and ready to post
  4. Standardized Communication Key topic messages should appear on list-serve; on website, in newsletter, etc.:


  • update on N2 publication proposal. (Carol). N2 did a business analysis of potential advertising revenue and compared it with production and mailing of cost of their publication service. As a result, N2 has withdrawn their proposal. The N2 rep that was our initial contact may not have been experienced in sales revenue.  Carol recommends that we table the concept of mailing a newsletter. A major attraction had been N2’s service of gathering content and taking full responsibility for preparation for print and mailing. Without it, the amount of volunteer work required for a high quality monthly publication would be prohibitive in her opinion.
  • implementation plan for Content providers focus on website / newsletter. Carol agreed to contact all SRCC committee chairs for potential content.


  1. Website  (Marc and Garrett
  • Content input for Ning site (Marc and Garret) ;
     – We compiled a list of content still to be written and assigned topics to committee members. We set deadline of 1 (or 2?) weeks to submit the content to Marc and Garrett. M&G recommend it is most efficient of they do the data entry due to HTML code.
  • We reached consensus on basic format, features, layout of the website.

The following items were postponed for future meeting

5.         Yahoo! Groups  (Marc)

            – additional groups set up for Neighborhood Watch individual areas; Safety

 6.         Archives project  (Carol & Sarah)

    The next meeting date is dependent on M&G completion of website for our committee.

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