Neighborhood Watch Program Update

Although we had relatively crime-free summer, the fall is upon us and auto and home burglaries are on the rise.  Many of these crimes could be thwarted if we all banded together with our neighbors, kept a close eye on things in our immediate area, and called 911 when we witnessed a suspicious vehicle or individual that seemed out of the ordinary.

Of the 18 block captains that originally volunteered to start watch areas in their sections of the SRCC neighborhood, we are happy to report that almost half have had a kick-off meeting and are actively participating in the program. We are hoping that more will do the same now that the weather has cooled down.  If you are interested in participating in our Neighborhood Watch program or would be willing to become a block captain and start a watch area yourself, please feel free to join our Yahoo! Group:

Once you’ve joined the group, details about how to participate will be sent to you and you will be put in touch with your nearest block captain if you are already in an existing watch area.

As the individual watch areas launch and the coverage of the SRCC neighborhoods increase, we will be conducting additional training sessions to teach tactical neighborhood watch techniques. Look for an announcement this fall.

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