SRCC General Membership Meeting Minutes October 18, 2022


Tuesday, October 18, 2022, 7:00  PM

Zoom Meeting

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1.  7:00  General Membership Meeting Welcome

Meeting procedures, Zoom tools, etiquette, welcome newcomers. Verification of quorum. Reminder: state your name when presenting or seconding a motion. Please see acronyms below.    

Presenter throughout unless otherwise noted: Wendy Todd, SRCC President  (5 min)

The chair called the meeting to order at 7:04 pm.

2.   7:05    Membership Report

Please send us information, stories, and photos for social media! 

Membership fees, single: 1/2/3 year: $20/$35/$50; family: $35/$65/$95 

To vote or make motions, membership must be current:

Presenter: Mary Janecek-Friedman, SRCC Membership Secretary  (5 min)

The membership numbers are pretty stable, at 204 members.

3.  7:10  Treasurer’s Report

All reports available upon request to the Treasurer: 

Presenter: Will Andrews, SRCC Treasurer  (5 min)

Sam Martin presented the report, from Jan 1 through Sept 30. There is income from dues and a little interest, some expenses but didn’t reflect the cost of the latest newsletter. Even with the newsletter cost, we will be positive for the year.

4. 7:15  Reports from Standing Committee Chairs

1) Planning and Zoning; 2) Historic Preservation; 3) Finance; 4) Mobility (Parking Transportation Management District, Project Connect, and I-35 updates); 5) Public Safety; 6) Parks and Environment; 7) Schools; 8) Communications  (10 min)

  1. Planning and Zoning – see later item
  2. Historic Preservation – no demolitions this month
  3. Finance – nothing to report
  4. Mobility – improvement coming to S Congress – Pickle/Alpine area; will make it a traffic signal with pedestrian improvements to replace the existing pedestrian hybrid meeting. It was mentioned that neighbors are concerned with the possibility of extending Alpine through to the Walmart.      S. Congress Parking and Transportation Management District – had a meeting yesterday and they are at the mapping phase. Looking at overlapping/hybrid zones in the new map. Expected to generate $1.4M in the first year with a little bit of expenses. The max fee (for a whole day) would be $39. There was a question about wider involvement from neighbors; Mark Thompson expects to meet with neighbors and share information as it is available. 
  5. Public safety – patrolling and looking for volunteers for Neighborhood Watch. 
  6. Parks and Environment – Have been meeting regarding 406 & 428 East Alpine and some concerns about protecting Blunn Creek and runoff.       There are some basins built for runoff from Ben White and Walmart; the Atlas 14 floodplain maps would suggest that the basins aren’t large enough. Jeff Kessel has contacted a Tom Franke, a City engineer, about this.     Have contacted PARD to replace the exercise equipment near THES.     We have also filed a proposal to improve an embankment around the Big Stacy Pool parking lot.      Halloween in Big Stacy pumpkin show; parade in Little Stacy.      Blunn Creek Nature Preserve – Nov 5th 8:30am is It’s My Park Day in conjunction with Austin Parks Foundation; contact David Todd to join in.
  7. Schools – there was an email sent to the listserve about the Travis High band fundraiser. They didn’t quite make the goal but are close and are still going.     The Travis Heights Elementary School Fall Carnival is this Friday at 5pm and back to its full scale. Everyone in the neighborhood is invited to come (costumes encouraged). They are also looking for volunteers to run the games, as well as donations of small toys, stuffed animals, or cakes/cookies/etc.  for prizes. Drop off non-food donations near the front door of the school.     There was discussion about donations to schools enabling SRCC to display SRCC neighborhood association signs at the schools.    
    Travis Rebel Band fundraiser:  
    THES fall carnival info: 
  8. Communications – the Monthly Updates have not been going out due to technical issues with the website; we are evaluating the issues and potential alternatives. The newsletter is out and is being delivered. We still need an area coordinator for Area 7.

5. 7:25  Reports from Area Coordinators and Representatives 

9) Norwood; 10) GSRC NPCT; 11) EROC NPCT; 12) ANC; 13) SCC; 14) South Central Waterfront; 15) St. Edward’s; 16) S. Central Affordable CDC; 17) Land Development Code Ad Hoc committee  (10 min)

  1. Norwood House – the Norwood Park Foundation was created to try and get the Norwood House restored via a public-private partnership. They are looking for new stewardship for this shovel-ready project, from an established nonprofit. There is close to $3M of public funds available to the project. Possibilities include the Trail Conservancy and the Austin Parks Foundation. If you are aware of any other organizations that could play this role, please contact Wolf Sittler ( 
  4. ANC – nothing new to report. 
  5. SCC – nothing new to report.
  6. South Central Waterfront
  7. St Edward’s
  8. S. Central Affordable CDC
  9. Land Development Code 

6. 7:35  Approve Minutes 

August 2022 monthly general meeting minutes (available at

Presenter: Dan Fredine, SRCC Secretary  (5 min)

Upcoming Meeting dates: GM Nov 15; EC Dec 6

Motion by Michael Mayo/Norma Henderson to approve minutes. No comments or changes – approved as posted. 


7.  7:40  Planning and Zoning Cases

Updates regarding:

  • 406-428 Alpine – Applicant proposes changing zoning from GO-CO-NP to GO-MU-CO-NP, which will allow for housing density up to 36 units/acre. The site includes the VFW Hall and a greenfield at the headwaters of Blunn Creek. [VOTE POSSIBLE]
  • 311-315 South Congress – Applicant proposes 400’ tall PUD with 350 dwelling units.

Presenter: Sarah Campbell, SRCC Planning and Zoning Chair (10 min)

406-428 Alpine – Some SRCC Planning and Zoning Committee members met with the applicant. Found out recently that the requested zoning density allows up to 54 units/acre. This is a 2 acre site, which requires a 50-foot setback from Blunn Creek. Based on our observation of the flood plain, we think they should step development back from the centerline of Blunn Creek by 200’; the developer was concerned about the impact on the project from the greater setback, and they were to take a look at it and get back with SRCC. Their next scheduled meeting is with the Planning Commision on Nov 8th.  The applicant has stated that they want Mixed Use designation such that they can build residential, but there is a concern that MU will allow a lot more than just residential. We are waiting for the developer to get back with us, and then we will take a vote once we have the details. 

311-315 S Congress – this project is where the Firestone business is near Barton Springs (as well as the building south of it). SRCC met with the agents for the project. They are willing to comply with Tier 2 standards for a PUD. It was asked how they came up with their proposed building heights – it was their desired heights, but not calculated based on regulations. They are willing to present to SRCC and to meet with committees. They are in the development assessment stage; City staff is reviewing the plans and providing feedback on changes that would be required; then they would need to submit a PUD application. 

8.  7:50  South Central Waterfront

City Council met Oct. 13, unresolved issues include parkland and affordable housing. Endeavor proposes affordable housing at 422 W. Riverside, 70 units at 80% MFI instead of 55 on Statesman property; 5% of units rather than 4% but less than 10% in PUD ordinance passed on first reading, or 20% target in Waterfront Vision Plan – Mayor Adler likely on board;  District 9 Council Member Tovo and Mayor Pro-Tem Alter requesting more information from staff;  proposed amendments discussed from Council Members Kitchen and Pool.

Presenter: Sherri Ancipink, SCW Representative (10 min)

SRCC’s position (previously voted on)  is that we don’t support the project unless it meets the stated requirements for affordability, parkland, and accessibility. The next step is to set a rate  for the TIRZ (Tax Investment Redevelopment Zone) to fund some of the improvements. Question was asked about length of affordability commitment  which is granted for 40 years but not in perpetuity. 

9.  8:00  St. Edward’s Homecoming

From St. Ed’s: 

“Hello, neighbors of St. Edward’s University! We are excited to invite you to cheer on our Annual Homecoming Parade happening on Saturday October 29th at 10am. Park in the garage on the east side of campus and process toward Tailgating in the center of campus. There will be helpful folks to guide you through to the watching areas. We hope to see you there!”

Presenter: Noah Balch, SRCC Vice President  (5 min)

The St Edwards Homecoming Parade was announced. The associated fireworks celebration was mentioned. Some discussion ensued that highlighted past problems that events at the school have created for its neighbors. Noah suggested that better communication with the school would benefit SRCC.  No action was taken.

10.  8:05  HEB

Discuss HEB’s application for after-hours’ permit. Council sponsored resolution directing the City Manager to draft an ordinance that authorizes the property located at 2400 South Congress Avenue to obtain a Type 2 Non-Peak Hour Permit for Concrete Installation. Council Sponsors: Council Member Sabino ‘Pio’ Renteria, Council Member José ‘Chito’ Vela, Council Member Natasha Harper-Madison, Mayor Steve Adler.

Presenter: Wendy Todd, SRCC President  (5 min)

As part of the construction of the new HEB at Congress and Oltorf, they are going to do a series of very large concrete pours. They requested to be allowed to pour starting at midnight, so that they didn’t affect traffic on S. Congress during rush hour. Neither SRCC NA, Dawson NA, or the nearby apartment complexes were notified, though the 5 houses adjacent to HEB were notified. When it came before Council, CM Tovo asked questions and is investigating to find out what the best processes are. This has not been approved yet by Council. This will be very loud and very disruptive, both to the neighbors and people along the traffic route. This would commence after Thanksgiving and go until April. There was a question about the impact on the Colton House Hotel. 

We should be aware of this, and make sure that neighbors are also aware of it.  


Sunday, October 30, 10am, Little Stacy Playground, KaBOOM 20th Celebrations

Saturday, November 5, 8:30am, Blunn Creek Preserve, St. Edward’s Drive, It’s My Park Day – Blunn Creek Nature

This weekend Friday and Saturday night from 9pm- 2am concert will be inside the Statesman printing facility. 

Meeting adjourned at 8:35 PM.

To participate in the NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH program, please contact Tom Groce, SRCC Public Safety Chair at:  

If you have questions about using the Neighborhood ListServ:

The next General Membership meeting is November 15, 2022.

The next SRCC Executive Committee meeting is December 6, 2022.  

Frequently used acronyms: 

ACF: Austin Community Fund

ANC: Austin Neighborhood Council

BoA: Board of Adjustment

CDC: Community Development Corporation

EROC: East Riverside/Oltorf Combined Contact Team

FLUM: Future Land Use Map

GSRC NPCT: Greater South River City Neighborhood Planning Contact Team

NCCD: Neighborhood Conservation Combining District

NHPA: National Historic Preservation Act

NPCT: Neighborhood Planning Contact Team

PC: Planning Commission

PUD: Planned Unit Development

SCC: South Central Coalition of neighborhood associations 

SF: Single Family zoning category

ZAP: Zoning and Platting

Agenda Prepared by Noah Balch, Agenda subject to change. Please check for most recent version.


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