Would you like to help?

Hello SRCC friends and supporters! This is Mary Friedman, your friendly membership chair. I’m reaching out in hopes someone has a little spare time (2 hours) once a month to help me with a task. This job could be done remotely, and you don’t have to attend meetings!

I’m looking for someone to help me keep the Area Coordinator and Block Captain database updated. We have amazing neighbors who are willing to walk house-to-house to distribute our paper newsletters when they come out 3-4 times a year. In order to be efficient and cover all of our neighbors (even those who are not members of SRCC), we have a system in place. We just need to make sure our database is up-to-date when the time comes.

For this task, you would need to be comfortable using Microsoft Excel and gmail. I’d love it if you would be willing to talk with me one weekend a month, too! If this is a task you would have the time to do, please email me at membership@srccatx.org.

Have a great weekend!

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