SRCC Executive Committee Meeting Minutes March 1, 2022


TUESDAY, March 1, 2022  7:00 PM

Zoom Teleconference


Only members may vote. As an officer, you should be a member. Please confirm by emailing, and we’ll let you know.


The meeting was called to order at 7:02

1.  7:00  Executive Meeting Welcome

Presenter throughout: Wendy Todd, President, unless otherwise noted  (5 min)

2.  7:05  Membership report & voting. Reminder that SRCC current dues status is required to participate in SRCC business and actions such as voting and making motions.  (5 min)

We have 226 members, which is a little lower than normal, but Mary will check in with people whose membership has recently expired about renewals.

3.  7:10  Approve minutes from February 2022 Executive Committee Meeting  (5 min) 

Meeting dates in 2022:  EC Apr 5; GM Apr 19; EC May 3; GM May 17; EC Jun 7; GM Jun 21; EC Aug 2; GM Aug 16; EC Sept 6; GM Sept 20; EC Oct 4; GM Oct 18; GM Nov 15; EC Dec 6

Motion by Noah Balch, seconded by Mark Thompson to approve minutes. Minutes were approved as posted.

4.  7:15  Treasurer’s Report. All reports available upon request to the Treasurer @   

Presenter: Will Andrews, Treasurer  (5 min)

As today is the 1st of the month there is not a report, and there was almost no activity last month. The Treasurer’s email account got a phishing email, and easily identified it as such. 

5.  7:20  Standing Committee check-ins on events/goals/issues.

Presenters: Committee Chairs: 1) Planning and Zoning; 2) Historic Preservation; 3) Finance; 4) Mobility; 5) Public Safety; 6) Parks and Environment; 7) Schools; and 8) Communications  (10 min)

  1. Planning and Zoning: Rezoning at 1100 Manlove – neighbors met with the owner’s representative. One proposal from the owner was to convert a portion of the residential property to commercial, in order to allow access from Riverside.   200 Academy – there has been very little action on 200 Academy.    
  2. Historic Preservation:At the Historic Landmark Commission meeting last night there were 8 cases heard from in our neighborhood alone. One is about a property on Alameda that is considered to be an example of Bauhaus style, and they decided to postpone to see if the owner can expand it instead of demolishing. There is a triplex on Rutherford, next to a duplex that has also been sold, and there are concerns about removal of the multifamily houses.  
  3. Finance: Nothing to report
  4. Mobility: The Austin Strategic Mobility Plan (ASMP) got complicated when it tried to move from level 1 to level 2 streets, and there was feedback that expressed concerns. The street-level changes have been removed from the draft. Any changes will use existing pavement, but for any streets likely for new development they could increase the right of way in order to increase entitlements; this led to concerns about the FLUM.       Related to the proposed changes to I-35, please let Mark know if there are techniques that can be used to spark interest on the listserve, or to get more concrete info about the proposed solutions. A member had concerns about a potential vote at the April meeting related to the support or opposition to the alternatives at Woodland, when it seems like we don’t understand the pros and cons of the different options. We may not want to take a vote as it may not influence the direction that TXDOT takes.
  5. Public Safety: Tom has been working with ACM Rey Arellano and Kevin Kelly (APD District Rep) in preparing an article for the newsletter. 
  6. Parks and Environment: This Sat March 5th is It’s My Park Day at Blunn Creek Nature Preserve. 
  7. Schools: Things are changing rapidly, with respect to COVID protocols. Based on new CDC guidelines there are discussions about removing mask mandates, and a survey has been released. There will be a Board of Trustees meeting tomorrow to talk about it. There is a lot of discussion involving the budget deficit – very rapidly changing. 
  8. Communications: It was suggested that SRCC consider having some signs so that new residents are aware of the neighborhood association; the signs previously made specifically reference meeting at the Good Shepherd Church. It was also suggested that a quick article summarizing SRCC be included in the newsletter, in honor of the 50th anniversary. It was mentioned that the G Suite plan that SRCC uses to manage the email/Drive/calendar will be going away and we will need to migrate to Google Workspace starting May 1st; it appears that a free version of Google Workspace is available to non-profit organizations. 

6.  7:30 Check-ins on events/goals/issues

Presenters: Committee Chairs/Representatives: 9) Norwood; 10) GSRC NPCT; 11) EROC, NPCT; 12) ANC; 13) SCC; 14) South Central Waterfront; 15) St. Edward’s; 16) S. Central Affordable CDC; 17) Ad-hoc Land Development Code Revision.  (10 min)

  1. Norwood: Nothing to report
  2. GSRC NPCT: Nothing to report
  3. EROC NPCT: Nothing to report
  4. ANC: ANC met Feb 23rd. An arboist from the City presented on some of the rule changes related to trees. Also, there is an issue that Arizona ash trees are likely to die soon due to a bore beetle; the City says they should be removed and replaced with native trees before they present a danger to people. ANC voted on a resolution on the Rewilding of Zilker, which was passed by acclamation. They provided a template letter for us to vote on in April. There was some concern that the ASMP appeared to push for more density in the central city, to increase the ROW on streets – contact Council with concerns.  
  5. SCC: Nothing to report. 
  6. South Central Waterfront: Tom was unable to attend the most recent meeting, but there appears to be no significant new information.
  7. St Edward’s: The fireworks were rescheduled to April. Wendy extended an invitation to the new president to join our April meeting.
  8. S. Central Affordable CDC: Nothing to report.
  9. Ad-hoc Land Development Code Revision: Concerns with fee in-lieu, and that it is not resulting in construction of affordable housing. Per CM Tovo’s request, did a survey of housing (multifamily housing, which may be more affordable); since then, a lot of the duplexes and fourplexes have been lost. It would be useful to redo that survey and see how things have changed.



7.  7:40  Nominations for Upcoming SRCC Annual Elections SRCC annual elections will be held in April. Several officers will be running for re-election, but there will be vacancies including Representative to the South Central Waterfront Advisory Board (this could be filled prior to the annual election) and President.

Presenter:  Dan Fredine, Chair, Ad Hoc Nominating Committee  (10 min)

The Nominating Committee will be meeting this weekend to discuss nominations. There was some discussion about potential candidates for open positions. 


Anyone interested in contributing to the installation of a memorial bench for Claudette Lowe in Stacy Park may contact Carol Martin at

The neighborhood ListServe is on the platform. Find everything you need to know about SouthRiverAustin group here:  

The next SRCC Executive Committee meeting is Tuesday, April 5, 2022

The next SRCC General Membership meeting is Tuesday, April 19, 2022

*Frequently used acronyms: ACF: Austin Community Fund; ANC: Austin Neighborhood Council (; BoA: Board of Adjustment; SF: Single Family zoning category; FLUM: Future Land Use Map; GSRC NPCT: Greater South River City Neighborhood Planning Contact Team; NCCD: Neighborhood Conservation Combining District;  NHPA: National Historic Preservation Act;  PC: Planning Commission; PUD: Planned Unit Development; SCC: South Central Coalition of NAs; ZAP: Zoning and Platting

Agenda Prepared by Noah Balch, 

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