SRCC General Membership Meeting Agenda – February 2019


Monday, February 4, 2019     7:15 PM




To be sure you get a vote, become a member. You can join or renew online Not sure if you are current? Email and we’ll let you know.


1.  7:15  Meeting procedures, etiquette, welcome newcomers. Verification of quorum. Reminder: state your name when presenting or seconding a motion. If an acronym is stated during the meeting and you don’t know what it means, please feel free to raise your hand and ask.*   

Presenter throughout: Eric Cassady, SRCC President,, unless otherwise noted. (10 min)

2.  7:25  Membership and voting. Pay multiple years in advance and get a discount. Single membership: 1-yr $20;  2-yr $35; 3-yr $50 / Family membership: 1-yr $35; 2-yr $65; 3-yr $95 NOTE: In order to vote or make motions, dues must be paid a month in advance, with the exception that if a former member’s dues have  lapsed no more than 2 years, they may renew at the meeting and be eligible to vote. (2 min)

3.  7:27  Approve minutes from December 3, 2018 monthly general meeting (available at (3 min)

4.  7:30  Treasurer’s Report – see reverse of agenda. All reports available upon request to the Treasurer  

Presenter: Oliver Caruso (Treasurer) (5 min)

5.  7:35  Committee Chairs reports

1) Planning and Zoning–see item below; 2) Historic Preservation; 3) Finance; 4) Mobility; 5) Public Safety;  6) Parks and Environment; 7) Schools; 8) Communications; 9) Executive Committee;

Representatives: 10) ANC*; 11) SCC*; 12) South Central Waterfront–see item below; 13) St. Edward’s; 14) S. Central Affordable CDC–see item below (20 min)




6.  7:55  Update on SRCC ad-hoc nominating committee, formed to identify and make recommendations for candidates in the SRCC 2019 officer elections at next month’s meeting.

Presenter: Eric Cassady, SRCC President, (5 min)

7.  8:00  The annual I Heart THES fundraiser is kicking off, supporting Travis Heights Elementary School. The fundraiser will be going on February 8 through 14, and will focus on reading support.

Link to details about the fundraiser and Home Slice Night.

Presenter: Oliver Bernstein – THES Parent, min)

8.  8:05  Possible variance issue at 504 Sunny Lane. Structure has been constructed that may violate building codes. [VOTE POSSIBLE]
Presenter: Dean Van Landuyt, SRCC Resident, min)

9.  8:15  The Austin American Statesman tract is being redeveloped, and there are discussions about the requirements for affordable housing as a component of the redevelopment.It is possible that the developer may utilize a fee in lieu arrangement which may be held by the South Central Affordable Community Development Corporation.  Consider whether SRCC wants all affordable housing in new construction in the planning area, or would SRCC be amenable to placing the units or subsidies elsewhere within our neighborhood or within South Central. [VOTE POSSIBLE]
Presenter: Wendy Todd, SRCC Representative to S. Central Waterfront Advisory Board,  (10 min+ 5 min Q&A)

10.  8:30 Residents on Rebel Road are requesting SRCC support a Residential Parking Permit application on Rebel Road from Oltorf to Sunset Circle and on Sunrise Circle. Residents have documented years of problems with the body shop on Rebel Road including trespassing, working on vehicles in the street, and late night noises on a regular basis. SRCC has written letters about these violations in 2012, 2015, and 2018. In 2018 APD increased patrols, which temporarily improved the situation, but the illegal activities are occurring again. Residents feel that RPP status will allow for better enforcement.  [VOTE EXPECTED]

Link to SRCC 2018 letter to Mayor and Council.

Link to SRCC 2015 letter to Mayor and Council.

Link to SRCC 2012 letter to Mayor and Council.

Link to Rebel Road RPP application.

Link to Sunrise Circle RPP application.

Presenter: Jose Martinez, SRCC Resident, min)

11.  8:45 At the March 2018 SRCC General Membership meeting SRCC voted to support a Residential Parking Permit application for Braeswood Road. The permit was granted with RPP enforced between 8:00 am. To 6:00 pm Monday-Saturday. Residents are requesting a change to the hours to be 8:00 am. To 6:00 pm Monday-Friday (not Saturday). [VOTE EXPECTED]
Link to March 2018 Meeting Minutes; see Item 6.  

Presenter: Vicky Moerbe, SRCC Area 8 Coordinator, min)


  • Elections Potluck – Need Volunteers
  • Elections Potluck is on Tuesday, March 5th. Potluck starts at 6:00 pm, meeting/elections at 7:30 pm.
  • VOLUNTEERS NEEDED! We need volunteers for several open positions including



  • SRCC is restarting the NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH program, and are looking for participants. Anyone interested should contact Tom Groce, SRCC Public Safety Chair at to get involved!
  • Greater South River City Neighborhood Planning Contact Team members are stewards of our 2005         Neighborhood Plan. To join or for information, visit this page:
Contact Terry Franz if interested:


Jan – Q4 and Annual finance report to EC

Jan – Pay ANC membership dues

Jan – Pay church fees and schedule meeting dates

Account reconciliation, Profit & Loss and Balance reports available upon request from or

*Frequently used acronyms: ACF: Austin Community Fund; ANC: Austin Neighborhood Council; SF: Single Family zoning category; FLUM: Future Land Use Map; GSRC NPCT: Greater South River City Neighborhood Planning Contact Team, NCCD: Neighborhood Conservation Combining District; SCC: South Central Coalition of NAs

Agenda Prepared by Dan Fredine,

Agenda subject to change. Please check for most updated version.

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