SRCC Crime Update

The attached is a list of various crime reports occurring in some parts of our SRCC neighborhoods I have gathered from Nextdoor Travis Heights list serve in the past month. Based upon my observations over the past year, and consistent with the list in this report, most of the crime happens late at night, plus some property crime including porch thefts occurs during the daytime on weekdays presumably because the thieves are hoping many people are at work during the week days. This is a reminder to be vigilant, pay attention to your surroundings, keep valuables locked up in your house, not in your vehicle; keep your vehicle locked; to the extent you can, keep lights on around your house and vehicles at night, and bushes and shrubbery trimmed around windows and doors close to the house or in secluded areas; when driving around, including to and from your homes, look for anything that seems out of place; and never hesitate to call 911 if you see something suspicious. The police have emphasized that they want the calls, even if it turns out that what you observed and called 911 about turns out to be a false alarm. We are still seeking more participants in the SRCC Neighborhood Watch, in all parts of the SRCC neighborhoods, and hope to have more magnetic signs for vehicles and more neighborhood watch signs for installation to serve as a deterrent.

As always, please let me know if you have any questions or suggestions on this issue.

Tom Groce
Chair, Public Safety, SRCC

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