CodeNEXT Going to Austin City Council

The city’s attempt to rewrite its land development code continues trucking along despite many unaddressed problems and concerns. The Zoning and Platting Commission has voted to not recommend the proposed code to the city council. The Planning Commission has recommended the proposed code, but only after making many hundreds of confusing amendments to it at the last hour. The ball is now in the city council’s court, as they listen to hours of testimony from the public and then somehow have to make their way through all of the amendments and remaining errors, contradictions, and missing materials. The council has voted against putting the code rewrite to a vote of the people even though a citizen’s petition was validated by the city clerk, which will likely result in legal action. If you have concerns and opinions about the code rewrite, please call or email the council. Their individual emails are listed on the city website, or you can email all of them at once using this form:

The SRCC sent a strongly worded letter to council to voice our disappointment in the process and our concerns about the proposed code. You can view the letter here.

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