SRCC votes to support CodeNEXT petition

At the SRCC general meeting on Monday December 4, members voted to officially endorse/support the petition to put the approval of CodeNEXT to a vote of the people. This allows us to go forth and canvass for signatures as official SRCC representatives. This website has a printable petition and instructions on using it:

The petition requires that citizens vote on CodeNEXT. The deadline for the PAC to turn in petitions is Jan 1, 2018, so they are asking for signatures ASAP so they can have time to gather everything together and check the sheets.

Signatures must be gathered in person from registered voters. Please consider asking your friends and neighbors to sign. Even if each of us do only one sheet of signatures, it will make a big difference in total. This petition is the only way for you, and all Austinites, to have a direct say on CodeNEXT and to hold the city council accountable to us and our concerns.

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