Temporary Plaza Proposed at Barton Springs and South Congress

Mayor Pro Tem Tovo will be sponsoring an ordinance to create a temporary “pop-up” plaza along Barton Springs Rd. off of S. Congress. The planners said they presented the idea during the South Central Waterfront Plan to SRCC last year.

This plaza closes off the dedicated right hand turn off Southbound South Congress Avenue onto Barton Springs Road; it’ll now require a sharper right onto Baron Springs Road at the Bat sculpture. Once in place, after about 12 months it will be reviewed before determining whether or not to make it permanent.

This PDF flyer gives a good idea of the vision for the overall South Central Waterfront, including the proposed plaza – where it will be, what it will look like, etc:
Barton Square Handout

The draft ordinance can be found here:
Barton Springs Plaza Ordinance Draft

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