ANC General Meeting Summary 8-24-16

Below is a summary of what was presented at the August ANC meeting:

  • Mike Trimble, Director, Capital Planning Office, came to speak about the role of his office. They have oversight over large capital expenditures for the city and the bond development process. They make sure spending is in line with long term goals, bonds are being implemented as expected, results are back to city council and the public. 
  • Moses Garcia, Vice-Chair of the Bond Oversight Commission, spoke about the role of the commission. They provide oversight on implementation, complementing the Capital Planning Office’s bond development and capital planning. He highlighted the “Civic” tool offered by the city to track bond-related projects:
  • A panel was put together debating the Mobility Bond Proposal. Jim Wick and Ted Siff (Move Austin Forward) spoke in favor. Mike Levy (formerly Texas Monthly) and Roger Falk (Texas Taxpayers Union). The bond size is about $750 million. Those against highlighted the fact that this bond will not affect vehicular traffic. It will actually remove lanes on major thoroughfares and amount to a wealth transfer that will favor developers in Central Austin. Those in favor said it is better than not doing anything, will provide at least some progress on multiple fronts, and provide needed safety improvements.
  • Rodney Gonzales, Director of Development Services with the City. He talked about changes to his department. They’ve updated the Web site so it isn’t buried in the city Web site and has its own Web address: This includes a permit tracker using an easy to use map-based format see new permits issued in your neighborhood.   It also includes permit violations. It could be a useful interesting tool for SRCC and the neighborhood.
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