One Two East Development Update and Thanks from OCEAN

The Organization of Central East Austin Neighborhoods (OCEAN) and Robertson Hill Neighborhood Association (RHNA) are very grateful to all the neighborhood associations and community groups that stood with us in April to oppose any increase in height or F.A.R. for the One Two East site.  As you may know, the case was postponed to August 4, 2016, and we are preparing for that hearing. We met with the developer and consultants in late April and have included a summary of our discussion below.  We will be in touch this summer to let you know where things are headed and hope we can count on your support if we are still facing a request for additional allowances on a site that already permits 150 feet of height and more than 463,000 sf of building next to single-family homes. A very sincere thank you to all for your continued attention to this issue!

Case Update

The One Two East zoning case was postponed on April 14, 2016 at the request of the applicant’s consultant Drenner Group. On April 27, 2016, OCEAN and RHNA representatives met with Steve Drenner and Jewels Watson of Drenner Group at their request. We anticipated they would share additional project details beyond the changes described in the attached postponement memo but we were not presented new materials for consideration. Instead, we were asked whether we would continue to fight the zoning request as currently proposed. We reviewed the reasons why Central East neighborhoods oppose any additional entitlements for the site. Mr. Drenner indicated he would be in touch in a few weeks after his clients made a decision whether to proceed with the amended request for 4.9:1 F.A.R. (down from 5:1) or move forward on redevelopment under the site’s current entitlements.

On May 16, 2016, OCEAN contacted Mr. Drenner to request an update, including whether and when we might expect new materials so Robertson Hill residents and other Central East stakeholders are able to review them and comment in a thoughtful manner. Mr. Drenner replied on May 20, 2016 that “No final decision has been made at this point” and he would let us know when one is made. As of May 31, we have received no further response from Drenner Group.

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