CodeNEXT draft code prescription for affordable housing

The team working on re-writing Austin’s land development code has released another draft code prescription, this time on household affordability, named “Developing Complete Communities for all Austinites.” This isn’t the actual code, but prescriptions for how the code should be written. You can view and download the full PDF here.

The Austin Neighborhoods Council (ANC) has published a paper criticizing the approach of the Austin real estate community (and CodeNEXT) on affordability: “The report reveals to Austin’s single-family neighborhoods that the commercial real estate industry aims to commercialize our neighborhoods to maximize their profits under the covers of “affordability”, “density”, and CodeNEXT.” You can find more information, and the full report, here:

There is a meeting of the Code Advisory Group (CAG) on Monday, May 23, where they will be taking public comment on this document and the process in general.

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