South Central Waterfront Initiative Update

Alan Holt, principal planner with the City of Austin’s Urban Design Division, will be presenting an update on the South Central Waterfront (SCW) Initiative at the April general meeting. More information:
Alan Holt will give a brief update on this planning effort, including the timeline and opportunities for engagement for this spring as the planning effort prepares to deliver the SCW Small Area Plan to Council this June.
Background: The South Central Waterfront (SCW) Initiative, as directed by a resolution of the City Council in August 2013, is creating a small-area plan (aka: master plan) for the 118 acre district on the south shore of Lady Bird Lake. The goal is to establish a framework to coordinate public and private investments to ensure that, as this area inevitably changes, every increment of change will contribute to making a great new district that: (1) Establishes a lively, attractive pedestrian environment; (2) Expands open space and create great public spaces; (3) Enhances connections to and along the waterfront; and (4) Includes 10% – 20% new affordable housing units as the area redevelops. Since being launched, the Initiative has conducted a vigorous public engagement campaign and worked with interdepartmental staff and other resources to accomplished several milestones towards the completion of the master plan. These milestones include delivering the SCW Interim Vision Framework Report to Council in 2014; completion of the EPA Greening of America’s Capitals Report (to be released in April 2016); and securing finance, economic development, and urban design consultant services, which have been engaged since fall 2015. City staff and the consultant team are now completing these cumulative efforts, and are on track to delivering the SCW Small Area Plan to the Council in June 2016. The details of the SCW plan are a work-in-progress, and staff will be presenting a status presentation to several official bodies in April including: City Council work session on April 5; the Small Area Plan Committee on April 6; and the Planning Commission on April 12. No actions will be taken at these meetings this month. A day-long drop-in Open House is being scheduled for April 30; details to come.

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