SRCC 2016 Election Results


Thank you to everyone who came out last night for our annual potluck and elections. We had a great time meeting new neighbors and reconnecting with long-time residents. The fellowship hall was full with 128 attendees a few children to make it more fun!

We also had the pleasure of electing this year’s leadership team of officers and Area Coordinators. Please give them a special thank you and congratulations as you see them in the neighborhood!

President: Gretchen Otto
Vice President: Diane Presti
Secretary: Garret Nick
Treasurer: Nancy Byrd

Area Coordinators:
Area 1 Claudette Lowe
Area 1 vacant (please contact to volunteer)
Area 2 Russell Fraser
Area 2 Eugene
Area 3a Jo Webber
Area 3a Sara Newsom
Area 3b Brooks Kasson
Area 3b Tim Boswell
Area 4a Sam Martin
Area 4a Mary Friedman
Area 4b Kris Asthalter
Area 5 Neal Nuwash
Area 5 Elloa Mathews
Area 6 Laura Gass Weaver
Area 6 Rachel McClure
Area 7 Kelvin Glover
Area 7 Jackie.Hatfield
Area 8 Maria Martinez
Area 8 Kim Lanzillotti



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