SRCC General Membership Meeting Minutes 11/2/15

Monday, November 2, 2015 7:15 PM
(formerly Grace UMC)

To be sure you get a vote, become a member. You can join or renew online Not sure if you are current? Email and we’ll let you know.

1. 7:15 Meeting procedures, etiquette, welcome newcomers. Verification of quorum. Reminder: state your name when presenting or seconding a motion. If an acronym is stated during the meeting and you don’t know what it means, please feel free to raise your hand and ask (see also footnote*).
Presenter throughout: Sounthaly “Tune” Outhavong, SRCC President, unless otherwise noted.

2. 7:20 Membership and voting. Pay multiple years in advance and get a discount.
Single membership: 1-yr $20; 2-yr $35; 3-yr $50 / Family membership: 1-yr $35; 2-yr $65; 3-yr $95
NOTE: In order to vote, dues must be paid a month in advance, with the exception that if a former member’s
dues have lapsed no more than 2 years, they may renew at the meeting and be eligible to vote.

3. 7:22 Approve minutes from August 3, 2015; Sept. 7, 2015; and Oct. 5, 2015, last 3 regular monthly meetings (available at

MOTION: Jean Mather / Marc Davis – to approve the meeting minutes for the last three General Membership meetings = PASSED

4. 7:25 Treasurer’s Report – see attachment to agenda distributed at the meeting; all reports are available upon
request to the Treasurer.
Presenter: Nancy Byrd, Treasurer
Account reconciliation, Profit & Loss and Balance reports available upon request from or

5. 7:30 Committee Chairs reports
1) Parks, Schools, Environment; 2) Planning & Zoning; 3) Transportation & Public Safety; 4) Norwood; 5) Historic District; 6) Finance; 7) ANC*; 8) Communications
ANC – James Bilodeax: ADUs continue to be a hot topic. Recent changes have been made to this ordinance that would override Neighborhood Plans, the McMansion ordinance, impervious cover, lot sizes, setbacks and most any other rules currently in effect. The head of this committee is Casar. Tovo voted against it but the Mayor and Renteria both voted for it. The third reading is slated for November 12th and would be the final reading that makes it law. The buildup to this decision was fairly tempered but at the final hour, Casar added many changes that have left the public out of the process. 60,000+ lots in Austin would be affected. STRs have been revisited that would limit and phase out Type2 STRs. These short term rentals are the not owner-occupied and run as full-time hotels.
Historic District – Gretchen Otto: The BBH LHD will have a third reading at City Council on November 12th.

6. 7:40 Little Stacy Park improvement projects update showing design concepts with various details, cost considerations and contexts; looking for programming and visual preferences from neighbors to develop into a single concept
Presenter: Margaret Robinson, Asakura Robinson Company, LLC,
This is the second round of public input to share some of the concepts. The budget is fairly small but they want to start out thinking big and then figure out how to make it work. The road around the edge of the park is closing due to erosion and that change is supported by the Neighborhood Plan. That road will be turned into a shared use path. The pool and tree over the pool remain an issue but they are committed to keeping the current configuration. A survey was handed out and you can email them with any questions or concerns.

7. 7:55 Update on Torchy’s Tacos alcohol beverage waiver request for new location on South Congress. Request for a member or members who are especially interested in this issue to lead our efforts.
Presenter: Gretchen Otto, SRCC Vice President,
Approximately a year ago when planning for this started, Torchy’s applied for a waiver to the ordinance that prohibits the sale of alcohol within 300 feet of a school. This is a City policy and is supported by AISD so we voted to support AISD’s position to oppose the waiver. Despite resistance, Torchy’s hired a lawyer (Richard Suttle), built the full bar and is pushing for the waiver to be approved. We are looking for a concerned resident to lead this effort in conjunction with BCNA, Austin Interfaith and others who are also opposing this waiver. There are other locations of Torchy’s that do not sell alcohol but they stated that this is their new business model.

8. 8:05 Austin’s Front/Side Yard Parking (FSYP) Ordinance
Presenter: Sounthaly “Tune” Outhavong, SRCC President,
This ordinance restricts on-property parking to driveways as noted in property surveys. Neighborhoods are able to opt-in or out into this ordinance every year. Neighborhood Plan Contact Teams are able to apply, but if there isn’t an NPCT, then an NA can apply. Both the GSRC and EROC NP areas are opted in to this ordinance. The ordinance was originally implemented to prevent soil compaction due to heavy vehicles sitting directly on unpaved surfaces and tree roots which can affect rainwater runoff.

9. 8:10 Task Force on Community Engagement–report on focus group
Presenter: Sounthaly “Tune” Outhavong,
This is a thirteen member Task Force looking to collect feedback on how well the City is doing with Community Engagement. These are volunteers and the Executive Committee met with one recently to express general concerns about City process.

10. 8:15 Discussion of potential ad-hoc committee to explore updating the bylaws
Presenter: Sounthaly “Tune” Outhavong,
The goal is to make clarifications and updates to the bylaws to reflect the reality of how we have been operating. There will be an invitation sent out to Executive Committee members asking for those interested in helping but anyone can offer to participate. Contact Tune if you’re interested.

Presenter: Gretchen Otto, SRCC Vice President,
There will be an important CodeNEXT “sound check” (workshop) November 16-21 (various events at The Linc) – This is a citywide effort to update all the building codes with the goal of creating the tools to implement Imagine Austin, the City plan adopted in 2012. Our Neighborhood Plan was adopted in 2005 and would also be affected by these changes. The new codes will be published for review and feedback in 2016. The big push is urban density. The new schedule is published on the City website at
The newsletter has been printed and is being distributed now. Area Coordinators should have picked up their copies and contacted their block captains. Newsletters to be delivered to all by Nov. 6 if possible. Please contact VP if you do not receive a copy. – If you have not picked up your copies to be distributed, please pick them up and get them out soon! This is our best way to communicate neighborhood news to residents.
Tune will not be seeking re-election as SRCC president. Please contact her if you are interested in serving as either president or vice president, or would like to nominate someone. Elections aren’t until March but we need to have a slate of officers by end of January.

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED! We still need a volunteer to chair our neighborhood watch program. We also need a new Area Coordinator for Area 2.
Monthly Review: Stay up-to-date on neighborhood news and SRCC announcements by signing up for our Monthly Review emails at These simple, easy-to-read digests are available to all area residents.

*Frequently used acronyms: ACF: Austin Community Fund; ANC: Austin Neighborhood Council; SF: Single Family zoning category; FLUM: Future Land Use Map; GSRC NPCT: Greater South River City Neighborhood Planning Contact Team, NCCD: Neighborhood Conservation Combining District

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