4th of July Picnic Volunteers Needed

Remember that the annual 4th of July picnic is this Saturday at 12pm at Little Stacy Park! Bring your own food and beverages and enjoy the holiday with your neighbors.

We are looking for volunteers to help out with some easy tasks that will make everything run smoothly. Please reach out to Gretchen Otto at vicepresident@srccatx.org if you are interested in helping. We appreciate your support!

Setup: 2-3 volunteers needed at 11am, mainly to help setup a tent, a few decorations and stake out a spot at Little Stacy Park​

Membership table:​ help with manning a table that will give out free t-shirts, answer questions about the SRCC, and get new members signed up

Photography: 1 volunteer to be in charge of photography during the picnic, taking pictures of the event and people, submit to me after the picnic for SRCC use; ideally between 12pm-3pm, but any time you can spare would be greatly appreciated

Music: 1 volunteer to either play music or help find a musician in the neighborhood to play music sometime during the picnic (12pm-3pm)

Cleanup: 2-3 volunteers needed at 3pm to help with breaking down the tent, cleaning up any stray items

Also, if anyone has access to a long folding table, we would grateful if we could borrow it for the weekend.

Please contact Gretchen at vicepresident@srccatx.org for more details.

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