South Central Waterfront Initiative – Waterfront Talkabout 4

Screenshot 2015-04-02 15.26.10The May 6th talk will serve as the kickoff to the next critical phase of planning and engagement. Within the next couple of weeks, certainly by the May 6th talk, we’ll have more details to announce about the upcoming process and events. To give you a preview, we expect an announcement from the EPA within the next couple of weeks about the consultant team that they’ve hired to work on our project. By the May 6th talk, we should have details on when the EPA sponsored 3-day charrette will take place, likely to be early this summer. To get a further sense of what the EPA process will look like, check out this short video. For Austin, the EPA will zero in on key locations of the SCW Interim Vision Framework and work with us to design these elements to a much higher degree of specificity. This effort will support the overall goal of the SCW framework to use a district-wide green infrastructure system to promote connectivity, views, mobility, expansion of green spaces, rational redevelopment, aesthetic appeal, and environmental benefit.

To learn more about this ongoing effort to guide the anticipated redevelopment of this huge area of waterfront, please visit the city website at

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