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From St. Edwards:

We are pleased to invite you to participate as a professional service site
for The Big Event. The Big Event, one of St. Edward’s University’s largest
annual service projects, is hosted by the Student Government Association. It
is an opportunity to serve to the area around our campus, and to thank all
of you, our neighbors, for being a part of our community. Giving back is a
vital part of the St. Edward’s Mission Statement, and we hope that you allow
us the opportunity to give big and give back in your neighborhood!

The Big Event will be held Saturday, April, 11th, 2015. We will be sending
students around 10:00 a.m. to your neighborhood, to help out in any way we
can until 12:30 p.m. Some examples of jobs we can perform are lawn work,
painting, washing windows, or trimming trees. Of course, these are only
examples and we are willing and able to do anything that might be needed or

If you interested in having volunteers sent to you as a service site, please
fill out the job request form included. Be sure to indicate what you would
like done, how many students you think you may need, what tools/materials
you have, and what materials we need to bring. Please don’t be shy about how
much work you would like done or how many students you request. Also, if you
know of a neighbor who could use some help, please feel free to contact us
and we will make sure to stop by their house. We are enthusiastic and
excited to come out and help give back!

You may send the request form back via mail, email, fax, or fill it out
electronically at by Friday
March 27th at 5 p.m.

If you have any questions, please feel free give us a call or email us at We look forward to receiving your requests and
serving you!


The Big Event Committee 2015

Contact us:
The Big Event Committee
c/o Student Government
Phone: (512)448-8424

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