The changing face and fate of the Norwood House

Alongside the demolition and new construction is the renovation of the Norwood House. Once one of the finest properties in Austin, it has escaped demolition by neglect thanks to SRCC volunteers and others. The last post showed the first photos in more than 15 years of the windows and doors and gave a glimpse of its future beauty. Today, after remediation of asbestos and lead paint, the doors and windows have been covered in plywood with small cutouts to light the interior. Lab analysis of lead samples of the interior met the requirements of the City and now the work will soon begin on the foundation.

Unlike some other old neighborhood properties, the Norwood will survive and thrive. When completed it will be financially self sufficient via rentals, and will be available free of charge for SRCC meetings and other community events. People will be able to see first hand the results of making the best of what already exists……a nice antidote to the constant push for “new and improved”.boarded front

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