On Monday, April 28, licensed contractors will arrive at the Norwood House to begin the remediation of asbestos and lead paint. This is the first of many changes that will finally happen to the house this year. Following that will be a foundation upgrade. The NPF structural engineer is preparing a report based on the soil test completed three weeks ago.

This past Wednesday, NPF organized a design charrette at the house that included the NPF project manager, board members, civil engineer, architect and landscape architects. The purpose was to begin the visioning process of the surrounding grounds….. something that is way down the road, but important to begin now.

Two weeks ago, Bob Drew, former SRCC officer, donated the original front door of the house to NPF. He purchased it in the early 80’s when the estate assets were being sold to make way for the condo project that never got built. At some future point it will once again be installed where it once was.  Turns out that it is a dutch door! Thanks, Bob!!


prof meetupdutch doordoor bottom


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