SRCC Recognizes…


Our Zoning and Planning Committee

We want to express our thanks to these committee members who commit extra time to meet with every applicant requesting support from SRCC for a variety of issues related to zoning or variances or code compliance. These SRCC members bring recommendations to the general membership, explaining the complexities, history and expertise.


Marc Davis, Outgoing President

We also wish to recognize and thanks Marc Davis for his stellar performance as SRCC President during 2012 and 2013. Marc’s talents for quickly assessing complex situations, diplomatically acknowledging various points of views, and guiding the membership toward best possible positions, have benefited SRCC enormously. He had committed hours and hours toward meeting with residents, businesses, and speaking at city hearings on behalf of our neighborhood. In addition to bringing his wisdom and solution-oriented style to all issues, Marc’s healthy sense of humor keeps communication open. Although Marc is leaving the President position, he has agreed to continue working on the larger issues, such as the zoning issues he has covered on page 5, and South Congress development. Our incoming executive team is very fortunate indeed!

Carol Martin, Outgoing Vice President

SRCC would not be the same without Carol Martin. From chairing the communications committee, to managing our membership, to patrolling our streets, Carol was already a pillar of our organization before she agreed to take on the VP role. As VP, she ended up managing almost all of the operations of our association—systematically taking challenging problems, developing well documented processes, and creating order out of chaos—all with her characteristic charm and grace. She stayed in the role for two years and has completely transformed the way we do business. We are very fortunate that Carol will step back into her former roles within the organization and will continue to support the incoming executive team.

Our Volunteer Area Coordinators  

Because the SRCC neighborhood association includes such a large area—from Lady Bird Lake to Ben White Blvd; from Congress Avenue to Parker / IH35—we’re subdivided into eight areas. Volunteers from each area serve as Area Coordinators and Block Captains who deliver newsletters door-to-door on their block three times per year. Area Coordinators are also part of the SRCC Executive committee which meets three times per year. It is another way to exchange information within the whole neighborhood, gather input, and reach decisions.

Our Area Coordinators include: Kris Asthalter, Tim Boswell, Dawn Cizmar, Helen Dey Valdez, Mary Friedman, Kelvin Glove, Brooks Kasson, Kim Lanzillotti, Kathleen Littlepage, Claudette Lowe, Sam Martin, Maria Martinez, Elloa Mathews, Neal Nuwash, and Sounthaly Outhavong.

If you are interested in helping, or finding an easy way of getting involved while meeting some neighbors, contact an Area Coordinator or We are currently seeking Area Coordinators for Area 2!  •


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