Coyote trapping in the Blunn Creek Nature Preserve starts this week

For those who are not aware, the Blunn Creek Nature Preserve is approximately 38.8 beautiful acres and sits squarely in the middle of SRCC’s southern neighborhoods.  It is surrounded by Sherwood Forest subdivision, Travis High School and St. Edwards University green space and Brothers of the Holy Cross headquarters, and Travis Park Apartments on Oltorf.

René Barrera, one of our most active neighbors and SRCC members is also a specialist within Austin’s Parks and Recreation Department and he wanted to let everyone know that they began trapping for coyotes in the Blunn Creek Nature Preserve this Monday, July 29th, 2013, for the next two months.  They have had over eleven calls and reported sightings of at least four coyotes roaming the area. Over time the coyote’s behavior has become more aggressive. Threat levels are scaled from 0 to 7 with seven being the highest. We have had recent rating of 5 with coyotes chasing people out of the preserve.

René and PARD would like to remind visitors to continue to respect preserve rules, especially the rules which state “NO DOGS” and “Stay on official trails.” In early July they posted coyote warning signs at all access points and will erect larger metal signs, this week. Texas Wildlife Service will post USDA warning signs, as well.

If you have any questions please contact René directly by phone or email:

Louis R. Barrera
Environmental Conservation Information Specialist
Austin Nature Preserves System
Natural Resources Division
City of Austin-Parks and Recreation Department
Austin, Texas 78703
Phone: 512.974-6770

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