Ben’s Workshop early morning concrete pour next Tuesday 3/26

We received notice that Ben’s Workshop will need to pour the concrete slab for their new facility at 2109 South Congress at 1AM on Tuesday 3/26.  Please see the notice below.  As Bill mentions, this is allowed by City Code, so we are grateful when a developer gives the neighborhood advanced notice and attempts to minimize the impact.

I wanted to reach out to the neighborhood group and apprise you of a unique circumstance with the construction of our new facility on South Congress. Our contractor is scheduling the foundation pour on Tuesday the 26 of March starting at 1am. The foundation must be poured as a complete unit and dried in a controlled environment. Current daytime temperature preclude us from pouring during the day. City codes allow for this type of circumstance but we are committed to becoming a good neighbor and wanted to inform the neighborhood group ahead of this event. We plan on exercising great effort to keep noise and activity at a minimum and assure you that this is a one time event and don’t anticipate any other distraction of this nature during the course of our construction. I thank you in advance for your understanding and patience as we complete this project.

Bill Morey
Ben’s Workshop
Mercedes Benz/BMW
Service and Repair
410 Pressler St
Austin, Tx 78703
512.472.5555 office
512.947.5631 cell

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