SRCC Annual Potluck Election – Tuesday March 5th @ 6PM

Come on down! Join your neighbors in the ‘hood for the annual potluck and elections for the executive board.

The 2012 SRCC executive team has been excellent. This is the time to come by and give thanks for all of their work… and share some tasty food! A special thank-you goes to Les Case, who after two years as our treasurer, is stepping down. We are fortunate that several current members have agreed to serve again, if elected, in 2013. The nominee slate is:

President: Marc Davis (P since 2012, VP since 2009)

Vice President: Carol Martin (VP since 2012, Communications Chair since 2010; Membership Chair as long as she can remember)

Secretary: Garret Nick (Secretary since 2007)

Treasurer: Nancy Byrd has stepped forward to replace Les Case

Nominations will be accepted from the floor. Anyone wishing to run for the office is encouraged to contact Marc Davis, our current President or any of the other officers prior to the Tuesday March 5th meeting:

Please note that this meeting differs from our normal monthly general meetings – it’s on a Tuesday and it starts at 6PM – we do this to avoid scheduling conflicts at GUMC

A Note on Voting Eligibility:

Feb. 5th was the deadline to become a new member and vote at the general membership meeting, BUT if you have not lapsed membership in two years, you can pay your dues on the floor and vote. And of course, we encourage your membership in the neighborhood association at any time. And come in ny event! Meet your neighbors!

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