SRCC Membership Dues 2013 – Pay in advance and get a discount!

SRCC Executive Committee approved the proposal to discount the annual membership fee when members pay in advance. The new dues structure is as follows:

1-year membership  $20
2-year membership  $35
3-year membership  $50

1-year membership  $35
2-year membership  $65
3-year membership  $95

You can pay online using PayPal on the SRCC official website You can also have your annual membership dues charged automatically each year by using the subscription option for PayPal account holders.

Another way to join is completing the form that appears in the newsletter (you can also download the form from and mail along with check to SRCC Treasurer, PO Box 40632, Austin, TX  78704. Dues and Contributions are not tax deductible.

Being a dues-paid members means you can participate in voting when SRCC faces motions, elects officers, and makes organizational decisions. Dues income is used to support newsletters, support the parks, trees and public schools in our area, and meet expenses related to representing the interests of residents in zoning cases. We welcome your support and involvement. There are volunteer opportunities also. We can use your help!


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