Norwood House steps closer to restoration!!! 6-15-12

Yesterday the Austin City Council approved a resolution to support the efforts of the Norwood Park Foundation to restore the house. The City Manager was directed to negotiate and execute a Park Improvement Agreement that would clear the way for us to begin work.

Yesterday, also, Parks maintenance staff, at the request of NPF, were installing more effective protection for the roof. Clear Channel Outdoors donated billboard vinyls that work great as a temporary roof cover. This is a fine example of cooperation between the public and private sectors.

Today a detailed proposal was presented to PARD that lists the work to be done in Phase 1A along with probable costs. Once we complete negotiations and sign the agreement referenced above, we’ll be ready to begin the hands on work that will finally replace the talking!!!

The funds are in place to complete the first phase. In the future we’ll be asking for your help to continue towards the goal.

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