SRCC General Membership Meeting Minutes 04/02/2012

MONDAY, APRIL 2, 2012          7:15 PM

Executive Committee members present: Marc Davis, President; Carol Martin, VP; Les Case, Treasurer (Garret Nick, Secretary was absent)

Attendees: General membership: 20 ( 16 eligible to vote; guests: 4)


1. 7:15 Marc Davis, President welcomed newcomers Ann and William Edwards.Meeting procedures, etiquette were explained.

2. 7:20 Carol Martin, Vice President and Membership Chair reviewed process for renewing SRCC Membership. Dues paid members received blue voting cards at check in. Members lapsed by 2 years or less can renew tonight and vote. New members will be able to vote at next monthly meeting (28 days).3. 7:20 MOTION: to approve minutes from March 6, 2012, last regular monthly meeting (available at
APPROVED 14 in favor; 0 opposed; 0 abstained4. 7:25 Les Case, Treasurer  reported that during March membership revenue was $1,079. Expenses included banking fees of $7.92 and $100 annual contribution to John Jordan, custodian GUMC. If anyone want to see full reports, P&L, Checking Reconcile report they can contact Les or any Exec cmte member.
– Les has completed the following Key financial tasks: e-filed 990-N annual IRS return for 2011; filed State Sales and Use Tax return; filed Texas Franchise Tax return and annual Secretary of State Periodic Report for nonprofit corporations. Next task is to update Registered Agent on file to be Marc Davis.
– Residential Parking Permit signs fees: City requires the neighborhood association to submit a payment; residents reimburse SRCC.
– GUMC has implemented effective 3/15/2012 meeting space fees of $50/meeting. SRCC has reserved Fellowship Hall for 10 general meetings per year and classroom for 3 executive meetings per year.
NOTE: SRCC has funds held at Austin Community Foundation that were donated during short period when SRCC was a 501(c)(3) non-profit org. These funds are restricted to be used for SRCC organizational expenses (meeting space fees, etc). Because SRCC is not a charitable org, but represents interests of the neighborhood (including lobbying), SRCC is registered as 501(c)(4).OLD BUSINESS
5. 7:35 Marc Davis, President reported update on 1227 Newning “The Oaks of Travis Heights” development.
The developer, Danny Waters, and neighbors have reached agreement on several issues including: the new plan is to get rid of the below ground detention pond and drainage pump and implement a more traditional above-ground detention pond (no pump), reduce from 12  to 10 units, remove 3rd floor from a unit, modify balconies to not overlook neighbors’ homes and reduce impervious cover. The final site plan will reflect these changes. See SRCC website  for details.
6. 7:45 Marc Davis and Danette Chimenti reported on the Reagan Signs site plan extension for their property on Woodland and I-35. Planning Commission approved on 6-2 vote to support SRCC’s appeal against Reagan’s request to  extend time for their  site plan submission. Next step, Reagan takes request to City Council.
– SRCC exec cmte voted to implement policy that for all variance requests, site plans, etc.  SRCC has filed as an ‘interested party’ in order to get notifications from City.
7. 7:50 Dennis Cudd, Transportation and Public Safety Committee Chair gave update on the Neighborhood Watch and Patrol pilot program implemented in Areas 4a and 4b. These Areas were selected because 10 residents are volunteering as Block Captains and have organized neighborhood watch meetings for their block. Residents can look up map of Block Captians and find instruction on how to become a Block Captain on the SRCC website: Participation in citizen patrol program has been disappointing. 50 residents have been trained but only 15 have ever signed up to do patrols; only 10 are regularly doing a patrol. At this time there are not enough volunteers to expand the areas covered by patrols.
MOTION: to approve extension of the citizen patrol pilot within Areas 4a and 4b for another 6 months.
PASSED: 14 in favor; 0 opposed; 0 abstained
– Deputy Constable Flores spoke about his patrol practices. In response to our requests he now drives a more visibly marked patrol car. He monitors our Yahoo group list and requests that any time we post a warning  about suspicious activity, we should include a street block number or address so that he can drive there.
8. 8:00 Jean Mather, Chair of Zoning & Planning Committee and Danette Chimenti  Update on the Imagine Austin Comprehensive Plan. SRCC has sent letter in support of resolution from SCC
Danette explained the issue: the IA Comp plan intends to remove ‘barriers to development’ by rewriting the Land Development Code. Many neighborhoods are concerned that the current Land Development code contains important regulations necessary to retain liveable neighborhoods. We are requesting that no changes be made to the code until after the impact of changes on neighborhoods be thoroughly analyzed.
9. 8:10 Mary Lovell and Connie Todd, Members New Ad Hoc Committee being formed by SRCC and Bouldin Creek neighborhood association  for Outdoor Music Venue Permit reviews. Home Slice Pizza has requested OMP. Residents adjacent on 2 sides and routinely report code violations (exceed curfew, etc.)NEW BUSINESS
10. 8:20 Presentation on the Ben’s Workshop Site Plan at 2109 South Congress (site of the old Don Mar motel)
Presenters:  Jennifer and Bill Morey, Owners  and Members of the design team from Cobb Fendley & Assoc. Ben’s Workshop was founded in 1979 and services Mercedes Benz and BMWs. Mr. Morey showed site map and graphic rendering of the building and surrounding property. He believes the neighborhood will be pleased with the appearance and minimal impact of the business. The work building will have insulated walls. No work will be done evenings or weekends. Russell Frazer, Area 2 Coordinator stated that neighbors are concerned about placement of dumpster, removal of chemicals and access point where trucks will service the dumpster. He requests that the trucks not drive through Nickerson, but enter from Congress Ave. Mr. Morey responded that all waste will be recycled and chemical storage will be above ground. The location of fire fighters access and hydrant  is from Nickerson. The project complies with all code requirements and is not requesting any variances. They expect to be open for business by June 2013.
11. 8:40 Variance request for 1701 Brackenridge.
Presenters:  Jean Mather, Chair of Planning & Zoning Committee and Barbara Wohlgemuth, Owner
Owner is requesting SRCC support for her request for variance from 15’ minimum distance from their new structure (garage apartment) and original studio.  SRCC P&Z committee is recommending in favor of request because it is totally internal to their property will have no impact on adjacent neighbors. See ADDENDUM for copy of their proposal.
MOTION: that SRCC support request for variance at 1701 Brackenridge.
APPROVED; 13  in favor; 0 opposed; 1 abstained

12. 8:50 RPP Request for the 200 Block of Park Ln.
Presenters:  Sharon Long and Mary Lovell, Members
Residents along Park Lane are experiencing extensive intrusion of visitors to South Congress venues. Cars and traffic  along their streets frequently  prevent access to their homes.
MOTION SRCC supports residents of Park Lane in their request for Residential Parking Permit zone along both sides of Park Lane between Drake and Nickerson. The hours or restrictions will comply with RPP already installed along Gibson: Monday – Friday between 5pm – 12 midnight; Sat/Sun between 1pm – 12 midnight.
APPROVED:  13 in favor; 0 opposed; 0 abstained
13. 9:00 Norwood House Update:
Presenter:  Wolf Sittler, Member
14. 9:05 Various Street Closures
Presenter:  Marc Davis, President
MOTION: to implement a policy that SRCC Exec cmte will bring to general membership meeting for approval  any street closure notification that includes a street within SRCC boundaries, or South Congress Ave or South Congress bridge, if possible. All other notices need not be responded to.
APPROVED: 13 in favor; 0 opposed; 0 abstained
Minutes submitted  by Carol Martin


Proposed Project presented to SRCC at General Meeting 04/02/2012

By owners :  Barbara Wohlgemuth 997-8831 Carrie Stapleton 461-2398

Description of Property:  This is a 1929 Bungalow on a thru-lot (to Drake St.) with a  520 s.f. rental townhouse facing Drake St.  The lot is 60’ x 138’ (8,280 s.f.) and the property is zoned SF3.
Objective of our Proposal:  to renovate and expand the bungalow, adding a garage, and keeping the design traditional.  We plan to upgrade the windows and mechanical systems to be energy-efficient, to use a metal roof, to keep the original clapboards on the bungalow, and use board and batten on the addition.  We plan to xeriscape the property.  We have used Emily Little as our architect because we knew she could achieve our objective of having more space but keeping the bungalow feel of the property.  This will be our owner-occupied home.
Permit Issues:  Emily’s design keeps all of the trees on the property intact and we are under the both the impervious cover and the McMansion limits.  She sited the garage where the carport was, to close it in essentially, and because it was the only logical place to site it to avoid the trees.  This places the garage only five feet from the existing rental townhouse instead of the fifteen feet required in the building code.  To address this, she placed a special firewall in the garage design.  However, the City is still requiring us to apply for a variance with the Board of Adjusters.
Request for Support:  We are asking for the support of our neighbors.  We believe you will be very happy with the design and outcome of our project.  This is not a McMansion, but a neighborhood-sensitive design that we hope will be our home soon.  It would be difficult  to change the garage location.  Because of the trees on the property, this is the only sensible (and sensitive) location for it.
Contact:  If you have any questions or concerns about our proposed project, please feel free to contact us:  Barbara Wohlgemuth 997-8831 and Carrie Stapleton 461-2398.  Thank you.

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