SRCC General Membership Meeting Minutes – 03/06/2012

SRCC General Membership Meeting Minutes – 03/06/2012

1. 5:30 Arrive and set-up
We appreciate those who showed up early to help and those who stayed late to clean up.

2. 6:15  EAT!
Thanks to everyone who brought food to share, it was delicious!

3. 7:00 Room arrangement, meeting procedures, etiquette, welcome newcomers.
Presenter throughout: Marc Davis, Vice President, unless otherwise noted.

4. 7:05 Membership & voting announcements.
Presenter: Carol Martin, Membership Chair
We are looking for more participation from members to encourage neighbors to become paying members of the SRCC. As important issues surface, non-members often turn to the SRCC for resolution and help. Our ability to help all SRCC residents depends on having a strong paid membership and we would like to see residents join to show stakeholder consolidation on issues affecting us all. Your dues and participation are an integral part of making your neighborhood association effective, the result of which is beneficial for us all.

5. 7:10 Approve minutes from December 5, 2011, last regular monthly meeting (available at

MOTION: Wolf Sittler / Sarah Campbell – to approve the December minutes = PASSED

6. 7:15 Finance Committee Report
Presenter:  Sam Martin, Chair
Sam provided a full report of the year’s finances and that information is now available upon request.

7. 7:20 Update on 1227 Newning Development
Presenter:  Marc Davis, Vice President and Jeff Kessel, Member and Engineer
This property is zoned MF-4 and opted out of the NCCD but given the proximity to other NCCD properties, it must still adhere to stricter compatibility standards during development. The main issue still remains the drainage proposal which aims to create an underground retention pond fitted with an electric pump. Neighbors are concerned that during heavy rains the electricity can go out. Jeff Kessler has volunteered (again!) to review any changes made to the drainage plan and is advocating to eliminate the pumping system. This property has become important in that it is also drawing attention to the lack of rules for properties being developed on steep slopes.

8. 7:30 Update on The Reagan Sign property
Presenter:  Pat Roeder, Member
Pat has been the leader on this issue for over 5 years. The property is located on the northwest corner of Woodland and I-35, is a 2 acre tract with 120 trees (including heritage trees) and is zoned GR (general retail). The heritage trees are NOT protected because the site plan was originally approved before the Heritage Tree Ordinance was in place. The owners of the property, Reagan Signs, have requested it be changed to CS (commercial services) so they can build a sign manufacturing facility there. The site plan was rejected so Reagan changed it to show the use as printing and publishing, much like what you might expect at a Kinko’s and under this guise the plan was approved by the city. Time passed and the site plan expired but Reagan got a site plan extension approved. Reagan Signs stores and uses hazardous chemicals at its current location and will require heavy traffic from 18-wheelers to pick up and deliver products, this would be their new location for all those current activities. Please email the Planning Commission members with your opinion.

MOTION: Pat Roeder / Garret Nick – to oppose the site plan extension and the intended use of the property = PASSED

9. 7:40 Home Slice Pizza Outdoor Music Venue Request
Presenter:  Mary Lovell, Member
Home Slice has applied for an outdoor music venue permit despite being within 100ft of a private residence. Some residents only have access to their homes via the alleyway next to Home Slice and expect a large outdoor event will make getting home difficult if not impossible.

MOTION: Mary Lovell / Russell – to register the SRCC as an interested party and to oppose the outdoor music permit for Home Slice = PASSED

10. 7:50 Candidates, Nominations from the Floor, Elections
Presenter:  Sarah Campbell, President
Our newly elected officials for this year are Marc Davis as President, Carol Martin as Vice President, Garret Nick as Secretary, Les Case as Treasurer and all the current Area Coordinators. Thanks to everyone who takes on a leadership role with our neighborhood!

11. 8:30PM Adjourn

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